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Girlfriend Update: A Madcap Weekend
Monday, 2005 August 29 - 7:29 pm
... and it's still not really over!

The whirlwind continues. Amy and I are continuing to spend a whole lot of time together. (And it's great, really great.)

Partly the reason for this is that we won't be able to see much of each other next week. I won't get into all the details just yet, but for all practical purposes, I'll only be able to see Amy every other week. So we figure we need to put in double-time while we can.

This past Saturday evening, we went downtown with the intention of seeing Naughty By Nature at Raleigh Downtown Live. But we got sidetracked to a little mini-party at Anna's house instead, where there were FREE drinks and better company. Anna, with a little help from her friends Vodka and Tonic, decided this would be the point she'd tell Amy, "if you hurt Ken, I'll kick your ass". But she didn't go so far as to say "if you hurt Ken, I will FUCKING CUT YOU", or anything like that... and really, she was mostly joking. Mostly. Anna does look out for me, bless her heart.

Sunday was a more leisurely day: the flea market and the farmer's market in the morning, the fantasy football league draft in the afternoon, some napping, some quiet TV-watching in the evening, and watching Home Star Runner while drinking vodka tonics to cap things all off. We basically followed Amy's recipe for a perfect Sunday, and I have to say, I think that recipe is going in my book too.

One other really good thing I've recently remembered about being in a relationship: it makes me eligible to join the Double Dating Club. I can now go out with my couple friends without feeling like a fifth wheel. It's been a while since I've been able to take advantage of that.

Finally, here's tantalizing Clue #2 about The WHB: the "B" stands for "Bitch". Hee hee! I still often think of "WHB" as "White Hot Babe" too, but there's a much more interesting story behind it. Stay tuned for more...
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Posted by Ken in: datinglife


Comment #1 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Aug 29 - 11:21 pm : #
H is for hungover? Or is that just on my alphabet chart?
Comment #2 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Aug 29 - 11:29 pm : #
P.S. I think you and Amy should do this as a couple to keep you connected during your time apart. (She's Gillian; you're Teigh.)
Comment #3 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Aug 30 - 10:08 am : #
Bitch, or Biatch? Girlfriend?
Comment #4 from Earl (Guest)
2005 Aug 30 - 12:43 pm : #
Sounds like a great weekend. Congrats! With Steve's engagement, it's down to the two of us.
Comment #5 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Aug 30 - 5:46 pm : #
Steve's engagement!? I must know more! Congratulations to Steve!

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