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Viva Las Vegas
Friday, 2005 November 4 - 8:43 pm
I am in Las Vegas this weekend. Please do not rob me.

I am in Las Vegas. I've been hesitant to advertise that fact, because all of my fans might decide to stalk me there or something. All three of them.

This is the third annual Vegas trip for me and my high school friends. There are nine of this year, and we're having a grand old time. There was a huge mixup with the hotel check-in which I'll talk about later, but otherwise things are going great.

So far I'm up about $100 gambling. This is partly thanks to playing craps last night, where three of us pooled our money and I played a couple of points until we had doubled our stake. Here's the obligatory picture of me holding a $500 chip:

Oh, and by the way, I've had like twelve ounces of Maker's Mark by this point. Not that you could tell or anything.
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Posted by Ken in: lifetravel


Comment #1 from Javi (Guest)
2005 Nov 4 - 8:08 pm : #
dude! you're in VEGAS? i'm in vegas too! we should get together!

oh. wait.
Comment #2 from Cheri (Guest)
2005 Nov 4 - 8:24 pm : #
Have a blast with Javi and the gang! :D
Comment #3 from DonnaF (Guest)
2005 Nov 4 - 10:04 pm : #
Hey I'll be fan #4. What's your address again? :P
Comment #4 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Nov 5 - 12:13 am : #
I'm so jealous. I love Vegas, and I love all of you guys, and I hate that the trip is all guys so I can't go unless I were to crash. Well, that and I'll be giving birth any day. In any case, I'm so jealous. *grumble*
Comment #5 from Bake Town (Guest)
2005 Nov 5 - 11:10 am : #
I could tell.
Comment #6 from Noelle from high school (Guest)
2005 Nov 6 - 2:14 pm : #
When you guys gonna let the ladies join you?
Comment #7 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Nov 6 - 3:14 pm : #
Bake Town: Yeah, you've seen that face before.

Noelle and Jen: I mentioned it to the guys, and it seems unlikely that this will ever be a co-ed trip. But that's not to say we couldn't have some kind of separate trip.
Comment #8 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Nov 6 - 4:05 pm : #
Some kind of separate women-only trip that would just happen to coincide with the guys' trip? Is that what you mean?

Realistically, I won't be able to do it for several years, anyway, so we've got time to figure it out.

Where are you guys staying?
Comment #9 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Nov 6 - 4:51 pm : #
Jen, I'm totally in - when you can swing it of course. Even if the boys don't want us to come along - why is that by the way? It's not like us old married ladies are going to cramp your swinging style...
Comment #10 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Nov 6 - 8:15 pm : #
I don't really want to crash their guys-only party. I think it is cute that they all get away together each year. Forming that kind of lifelong friendship is pretty unusual, and I think they should embrace it. It would be nice if they also had an annual weekend gathering in Ann Arbor (cheaper for most of them), so we could all join them. I'd have built in babysitters, so that would work great for me!

What do you guys think?
Comment #11 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Nov 7 - 3:32 pm : #
The guys-only trip will probably remain guys-only, for various reasons. Sorry. But a separate annual reunion trip of some kind would be nice, and having it in Ann Arbor (or at least the eastern half of the country) would be nice.
Comment #12 from Earl (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 4:38 pm : #
Yes, Ann Arbor would be much cheaper...there are no craps tables there!
Comment #13 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 4:47 pm : #
Earl, we could make craps tables... Ken, you have me wondering what the "various reasons" are, I would make some joke about being closet Zigfield and Roy groupies but that joke won't work anymore! I also think it's pretty cool that you guys all get together, like Jen said.
Comment #14 from Javi (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 5:10 pm : #
any excuse to go to ann arbor...
Comment #15 from Earl (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 5:40 pm : #
That's ok...Craps bad, bourbon good.
Comment #16 from e (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 6:47 pm : #
how did i get tricked into ditching all of my girl friends and hanging out with all guys?

girls are always better.

however, what's with the east coast bias?

where's the west coast love? dr. dre, snoop dogg, bling bling, baby!

We roll deep, smoke on weed drink and pack heat
Requirements for survival each day -- in L.A.!
It don't stop, we still mash in hot pursuit from the cops
Analyze why we act this way -- in L.A.!
Comment #17 from John C (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 8:31 pm : #
Sneaky Ken! Blogging from vegas. Hey, I like the idea of a yearly gathering in Ann Arbor. Then we could see everyone.

As for the "various reasons"... then we would have to violate the "stays in vegas rule". and that could be dangerous. The real reason to be vague has more to do with everyone thinking we are having more fun than we actually are.

If it makes you feel any better, guy friends we have known for years don't get to go because they did not go to Huron.
Comment #18 from John C (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 8:42 pm : #
The more I think about this gathering in Ann Arbor, the more I like it... Maybe in the summer? And then we could meet each others wives, and kids and all trhat stuff. Good suggestion Jenn!
Comment #19 from John C (Guest)
2005 Nov 7 - 10:35 pm : #
and finally I would like to say that I was the photographer of that epic photo
Comment #20 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 2:57 am : #
I like summer for a gathering. Ken and I were going to plan an HP reunion at some point, but we obviously never did. Perhaps we should resurrect that idea, or should we just keep it small?

Any time is fine with me, though, as long as I'm not about to give birth. We head up to Ann Arbor quite frequently, of course.

I don't have a wife, though I wish I did. She could do all of the unpleasant household tasks, while I did all the enjoyable 'household tasks' with my husband.
Comment #21 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 9:21 am : #
Guys, I'm loving the Ann Arbor idea more and more - Can we drink 7up and dance to Rock Lobster in someone's basement? Damn, we were nerds.
Comment #22 from John C (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 9:33 am : #
Um... I still drink 7up and dance to rock lobster. In Earl's basement. Usually while he is out Shhhh....
Comment #23 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 9:53 am : #
My parents' basement hasn't changed a bit since we were teenagers, so that would be appropriate, but I think I'd have more fun someplace else, unless we really need it for the nostalgia aspect.
Comment #24 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 11:08 am : #
Just remember that if you're at New York New York and you really want to walk to Circus Circus, do not walk to Circus Circus, even if you have had twelve shots of Maker's Mark and you are thinking, "Hey! I bet we could walk to Circus Circus right now!" because once you get there you will be delirious from the pain, not to mention sober, and in order to make it back up the strip you will have to stop in every casino in sight for more Maker's Mark because MY GOD THAT'S A LONG ASS WALK.

Also, I had a dream that you died last night. And you were black. Interesting!
Comment #25 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 12:48 pm : #
Ok so, John's still a nerd, no big surprise. Did any of you win any money? Ken, are you still up $100? Are you all still in Vegas? I have no sense of time...
Comment #26 from John C (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 12:50 pm : #
Holy shit. You can't even see Circus Circus from New York New York. Don't worry, we were too lazy to walk to MGM from Bally's, much less all the way to Circus fucking circus. Cab rides everywhere.
Comment #27 from John C (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 12:52 pm : #
A STALKING nerd, thank you very much. We have returned in body, if not in spirit
Comment #28 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Nov 8 - 12:59 pm : #
Jen and the Ann-Arborites: I think we ought to resurrect the reunion idea. Summer 2006?

Cerdo, I am pleased that I made an appearance in your dream, even with the whole death thing. And as for me being black, people make that mistake all the time. ;)
Comment #29 from JuanC (Guest)
2005 Nov 8 - 4:16 pm : #
wait, wait, wait. You aren't black? wow I have known you for 18 years. I guess you never stop learning things about people you care about.
Comment #30 from Artemis (Guest)
2005 Nov 9 - 8:33 am : #
But he does have a white woman!

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