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Michigan Pictures
Friday, 2006 May 26 - 2:06 pm
Here they are: photos from our Michigan trip.

There are a few water towers scattered around Ann Arbor. They're giant mushroom-shaped things, and they used to be painted plain sky blue. When my sister and I were growing up, we didn't know what they were, so we just called them "The Blue Thing". Now Ann Arbor has livened them up by painting clouds on them, and the words "Ann Arbor", just in case you forgot where you were.

Here are Amy and I eating at Zingerman's, the world-famous deli in downtown Ann Arbor. Well, at this point we're not so much "eating" as we are "sitting and waiting". But a minute after these photos were taken, we were chowing down on some delicious sandwiches.

This is The Chop House, a restaurant downtown. We didn't eat here, but we just wanted to take a picture of the cartoon balls on the bull.

Here's the Holiday Inn where we stayed. It's rather unremarkable except that Javi lived in this place for a month when he first moved to Ann Arbor.

Inside the Holiday Inn, each hallway had a weird-looking contraption with a big vent duct attached to it. It made me start looking for Harry Tuttle. One of them almost ate me.

I managed to escape via the fire stairs, though, by going through a door that says "KEEP DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES". That kind of defeats the purpose of a door, don't you think?

Inside the rooms, we got free shower caps. First class all the way, baby! No, Amy, that will not work as a contraceptive device.

We forgot to bring cameras to the wedding itself, so I don't have any drunken pictures from it. (Sorry, Steve and Sheila.) I do have a couple of pictures from the after-party, though, like this one of me and Javi:

Monday, we went to Cedar Point. We rode as many roller coasters as we could, including the classic wooden coaster, the Gemini. The notable feature of the Gemini is that near the end, it goes in a sharp circle, and if you're sitting on the inner seat, you can lean out and pretend you're falling off the ride. The other person pretends to panic and drags the person back into the ride. We used to freak people out doing that in high school.

Unfortunately, the Millennium Force was closed for the day. Amy tried to fix it by holding it up with her finger.

Here's the Power Tower. It's very tall.

This is me about to go on the Power Tower. It's the last picture we took before the camera batteries died.

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Posted by Ken in: lifetravel


Comment #1 from Artemis (Guest)
2006 May 26 - 11:29 pm : #
umm... can I get that?

Dang on the contraptions...
Comment #2 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2006 May 26 - 11:54 pm : #
OK, I live close enough to all those places that I could go tomorrow. So why is it I geek out seeing pictures of these places on the net?

That Holiday Inn has the best pool! An indoor part that connects to an outdoor part, and it's super cool in the winter time when you can go out while it's 10 degrees outside. At least I think it's that Holiday Inn.
Comment #3 from Artemis (Guest)
2006 May 27 - 12:27 am : #
Yeah, it was that Holiday Inn, however I have still not shaved my legs in about 3 months..... so no pool.
Comment #4 from Ken (realkato)
2006 May 27 - 1:07 am : #
Mmmm, furry.

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