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Back Again, Again
Monday, 2006 July 10 - 8:40 pm
Go ahead and say it: I've been slack.

I was almost going to say I was getting positively monocerdo-like in my posting drought, but I see that she posted today. And apparently, she's got "legitimate" excuses (imagine me making finger-quote signs here), like "traveling to Ohio", "making wedding plans", and "a possible brain tumor". Whereas all I've got is "drinking", "playing video games", and "excessive use of finger-quotes". The only medical problems I seem to be having are a sore neck from sleeping funny (funny strange, not funny ha-ha) and a horrendous bout of gas. I've been pootin' so much today, if I were Russian, I'd be Vladimir Putin. (I spent most of today debating whether "Vladimir Putin" would be funnier than "Rasputin". It's too bad "Dick Gephardt" isn't pronounced differently, or that would have merited some consideration too.)

"So, Ken, whatchew been up to?"

Well, I went to Regency Park for the Fourth of July. Drinks were drunk, chicken was eaten, fireworks were seen. A good time had by all. I went with Amy, her friend Heather, and Heather's young daughter Lily. Except that Lily's southern accent makes it sound like "Leeeely". Leeeely at one point said to me, "Do you wanna see my underpants?" And I said to her, "Ask me that again in fourteen years."

I played poker again last weekend, and had one of my worst nights ever. The few times that I had a good hand, someone else had a better hand. That's a sure way to lose a lot of chips in a hurry. I had a pair of jacks when someone else had a pair of queens. I had ace-king when someone else had wired aces. Urgh. I have noticed that my poker luck has been getting worse and worse ever since I met Amy, which is kinda interesting.

I've been getting ready to play in a golf tournament this weekend. Well, it's not so much a "tournament" as it is "Bob getting 50 guys to play golf on Saturday while his wife is out of town". I haven't played any golf since Bob's tournament last year, when I managed to hit the ball almost every time I swung at it. We'll see how it goes on Saturday.

Yesterday, Amy and The Boy and I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". I don't have enough to say about it to merit a full review... it was definitely swashbuckling. I'd say it even buckled more swashes than the first one. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. Plenty of eye candy for everyone.

Tomorrow, Amy and The Boy and I are going to Duff Gardens to ride some roller coasters and eat some bratwurst (and maybe a pickle) at "Das Festhaus". Hopefully those activities won't turn out to be incompatible with each other. And who knows, maybe something like this will happen.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from JohnC (Guest)
2006 Jul 10 - 11:51 pm : #
you need to read your email, and respond to them nerd.
Comment #2 from olafandy (Guest)
2006 Jul 11 - 8:49 am : #
Duff beer for me
Duff beer for you
I'll have a Duff
You have one too!
Comment #3 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2006 Jul 19 - 1:18 pm : #
Not only was I slack about my own site, I was slack about keeping up with others (which just shows you how "legitimately busy" I was) so I didn't even see your jab at me until today, over a week later. How fitting!

By the way, I think this happens every summer. I seem to remember posting once in August '04.

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