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Hi Everybody!
Tuesday, 2006 July 18 - 8:03 pm
Here's another week's worth of whatchew-been-up-to.

So golf last weekend went okay, though I certainly can't say I played "well". I hit a couple of good shots, and a bunch of bad ones. I dare say it's better than I did last year, though that's not really saying much.

I'm currently embroiled in plans to expand Amy's house so I can move into it. (Really, we just need to build a place to put the bar.) We just had a contractor out here to give us a quote. The price was a good deal less than what I had expected, so that's a good thing. Now we just gotta deal with getting approvals from the homeowner's association, and dealing with all the permits. Having never done any kind of home improvement of this scope before, I have this nagging feeling that I'm missing something important. Someone's gonna say, "Oh, you gotta install a bunch of Fetzer valves to meet building codes. Didn't you know that? That'll be another $5000."

We're also in the midst of wedding planning. Most of the stuff is taken care of, because we got a package deal from the place where we're having the wedding. The package included food, the wedding cake, flowers, a DJ, a photographer, and an officiant. (We'll ditch the officiant if we can get Javi to do it. Or William Shatner.) We pretty much just have to show up. Oh, of course we need stuff to wear. We already have Amy's wedding dress, but I gotta get my groomswomen squared away with their dresses... and I need to pick out some kind of tuxedo for myself. I have an idea of what I want; I just gotta go out and take care of it. And then I gotta make a wedding website, and register for gifts, and figure out what the heck I'm gonna say at the wedding.

And on top of this, I got BlogHer coming up, and this year's Vegas trip, and maybe more trips on top of that. Sometimes I just have trouble keeping on top of everything in my head. I don't know what it is with me; when I get too much stuff on my plate, my mind just starts reeling, and I kinda just shut down. So to all my dear friends whom I don't see any more, I'm sorry. It's not that Amy has been keeping me shut in or anything like that; it's just that my little head has run out of room for planning stuff.

This is also why I've become a weekly blogger instead of a daily blogger.

Things will get better, I promise. I just gotta clear some stuff of the list.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from JohnC (Guest)
2006 Jul 18 - 8:29 pm : #
busy busy man. I just would like to gently recommend that you don't refer to your wedding as "something to be cleared off the list". Just saying.
Comment #2 from Jenn (Guest)
2006 Jul 19 - 8:02 am : #
You can not POSSIBLY play golf any worse than me. No matter what club I use, the ball goes about 20 yards. I could probably go 20 yards with a putter.
Comment #3 from olafandy (Guest)
2006 Jul 19 - 9:26 am : #
Heh...if some twist of fate caused Shatner to officiate, then I want video. You may......KISS...the bride.

Oh, I suppose if Javi can do it, we'd want that too. :)
Comment #4 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2006 Jul 19 - 1:21 pm : #
Wait! You're going to Vegas too?! When?

Weekly Blogger II
Comment #5 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Jul 19 - 9:14 pm : #
Well, at least once in September with The Guys, but if you're gonna be there in August, I'm sure Amy wouldn't mind taking a trip....

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