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Bachelor Party
Tuesday, 2006 December 19 - 9:34 am
Or, what I remember of it.

Last Thursday was my bachelor party.

Typically a bachelor party is thrown by your best man, your groomsmen, and your various male friends. But I have a best woman, groomswomen, and a large number of female friends. I'm having an unconventional wedding, so why not have an unconventional bachelor party? And anyway, as I remarked to a co-worker: on my last single night out, why would I want to hang out with a bunch of dudes? As an engineer, I've been to too many sausage parties in my life as it is.

So my best woman Anna, and her friend Michelle, threw me my bachelor party.

Ann and Jessica showed up first:

And later, Rebecca, Samantha, and Flowers joined us:

In that last photo, you can see that Michelle is holding an Amy-Face, which was to figure prominently throughout the rest of the evening. One of things on my bachelor party to-do list was to get as many pictures of possible with me and other people holding the Amy-Face.

See? Like that.

And if you haven't already caught on to the advantages of having a bachelor party with a group of attractive women surrounding you, I'll note that there were boob shots...

And spankings...

It was all very perilous.

And of course, there was the drinking. I even had my own dedicated shot glass.

And Anna (or, um, Amy) had one too:

After the pre-drinking at Anna's house, we proceeded to The Dirty. Many, many Amy-Face pictures were taken.

I remember telling this last bartender, "You HAVE to spank me! It's on my list!"

The beauty of the Amy-Face is that I don't have to worry about being sued for publishing people's pictures. All bloggers should have something like this. You can even take a picture of the "strangely-too-good-at-this" person dancing on the bar's stripper pole:

I like the hand pointing out that Yes! There's a woman wearing an Amy-Face on the stripper pole.

Of course there's other ways to avoid photographing people's faces:

I'd like to note at this time that Anna took all these pictures, not I.

After The Dirty, we went to Mosquito. Or so I've heard. It was about this point where my memory of the evening ends. The odd thing is, I don't really remember getting progressively drunker through the evening. It was like, I was going along fine, and then BAM, it all turned black. Maybe somebody slipped me a roofie.

Still, apparently, I managed to get in on more Amy-Face pictures.

This woman gave me something with a lipstick print on it. I think that was on my to-do list. Anyway, I guess I was pretty grateful about it. Or maybe I just needed her to help me remain standing.

I think the picture that best sums up the evening is this one, where my eyes have started to point in different directions.

But I'm still smiling! Even when I'm unconscious, I still know how to have a good time.

The next morning I was actually in pretty good shape... that's a result of studiously avoiding beer and tequila, and sticking with vodka drinks. But it still took me a couple of days before I was feeling normal again.

On Monday, I read that the brain can recover from excessive drinking. Thank goodness.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from flowers (Guest)
2006 Dec 20 - 3:50 pm : #
Let me know if you need Numba Two Wife!
Comment #2 from Jessica (Guest)
2006 Dec 21 - 7:24 pm : #
Either my last message didn't go through or you deleted it. :o( It wasn't that bad. :o) I hope you had a blast! Wish I didn't have a curfew but since you don't remember the last half, I guess it's okay. Next time you should do it on a weekend when I don't have to be at work at 8 the next morning. :o) Just kidding. No next time. Just more parties! See you soon!
Comment #3 from Phil (Guest)
2006 Dec 25 - 12:26 am : #
Yikes! That last picture kind of shocked me -- what with faces other than yours and Amy's popping out of the screen. Warn a guy next time, eh?! :0

Good photo essay -- congrats on a fun and survivable night.

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