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Friday Miscellany
Friday, 2006 April 7 - 9:15 am
A few fun links.

In the spirit of Easter, go watch this Peeps movie. Then you will know why Peeps have to be eaten.

Great, just what we needed. The Pentagon is attempting to make cyborg insects, implanting various bugs with micro-electronics at the pupa stage so that they can later be controlled. The insects could then be used to sniff out explosives or eavesdrop on conversations. (They'd literally be "bugs". Or "a fly on the wall.") Of course, the enemy would then start deploying armies of cats, birds, and spiders. And maybe an occasional Venus flytrap.

Ketchup science. (Isn't that a major at Michigan State University?) Turns out I've been using the wrong methods to try to get ketchup out of bottles my whole life. You need to tap underneath the neck of the bottle as it's tipped on its side. For the past ten years I've been using the Javi method, which is to wave the bottle over my head like a lasso (sometimes while making various cowboy noises) in order to loosen up the ketchup. If you try that method, be sure the cap is on tightly.

Liquor and houseplants? A study has found that pouring diluted hard liquor on some houseplants may allow the plants to grow shorter (and sturdier) without affecting the size of the flower blooms. This would help keep the flowers from tipping over. But the real news here is, some people CLEARLY don't know the proper use for liquor.

I know what car Amy is gonna get next. (Found via Pinky.) The car is the Suzuki LC, and it's like a character from a Japanese cartoon. Look at the little ear mirrors, and the solid hubcaps, and the plaid seats! Genious. And even though it's a little bit girly, I think I'd even drive it myself. I'd put on a short-sleeved white dress shirt, a hat, and a tie, and I'd pretend I was living in 1952. Beep beep!

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Posted by Ken in: commentaryfunnyhaha


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2006 Apr 10 - 10:33 am : #
Oh, how sweet! It looks like Pixar designed it.
Comment #2 from JuanC (Guest)
2006 Apr 11 - 1:51 pm : #
my f-list said you had like 4 entires today. yet... you don't. What gives?
Disgruntled in Ann Arbor
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Apr 11 - 2:16 pm : #
D'oh... I must have forgotten to click the final button to complete the blog posting. Dang it. Check back later tonight.

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