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By the Way
Monday, 2007 June 4 - 11:17 pm
Not everyone seems to get my jokes.

My friend Gary and I used to have a lot of fun misinterpreting vanity license plates. It seemed a lot more interesting to come up with ridiculous alternate readings of plates, instead of figuring out the owner's banal original intent. So for example, if we saw a plate that said "GRVYBABE", we would read it as "Gravy Babe". And oh, how we would laugh at the thought of infants smothered in rich buttery gravy.

Thus the origin of blog posts like this one. And also this one.

Not everyone seems to get that I'm being ironic... which actually makes the joke even funnier for me.

So I'm just sayin', give me a little credit. I really do know what the license plates are supposed to be saying. I'm just trying to be funny (in my funny-just-for-me way).
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Posted by Ken in: funnyhaha


Comment #1 from minty (Guest)
2007 Jun 5 - 8:30 am : #
Yesterday my daughter and I saw STL CRDS and the first thing both of us thought was "steel cruds" but we weren't really sure what those would look like. I think it's probably a reference to the baseball team in St. Louis but there weren't any other stickers or references to that team on the car (though there were plenty of other stickers).

Comment #2 from Bake Town (Guest)
2007 Jun 5 - 11:20 am : #
The other day I saw one that read KUNIVER. My dirty mind inserted a T and D in there somehow and cracked up. I'm still not convinced that's not what he really meant.
Comment #3 from Ellen (Guest)
2007 Jun 18 - 11:51 pm : #
Ok, its late, so I have to write about something pretty embarrassing....

I don't know what is on my license plate.....I know they are red letters but that doesn't help me much. How can this happen? At the moment, there is nothing here at my address that has my license plate number on it! Believe me, I scoured the house today. I need it. I need it to get a parking spot. as soon as possible.

See, I bought a new car. A Honda Pilot. Within 8 hours, I wrecked it. Now, it is at the shop, and will be for another week. But, I just realized today that parking registration started where I am going to school in the fall(Duke), and I can't register my car without providing my license plate, tomorrow I get to look like a complete dumbass AGAIN when I call up the car-fixit-shop and ask them what my license plate number is...


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