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Today's Miscellany
Sunday, 2005 July 3 - 11:59 pm
Three mini-items today: a hockey update, a thought about SCOTUS, and a note about dating services.

So it appears we might have a hockey season this fall. Hooray! One great thing about having an NHL team in a non-hockey-crazed area, by the way: it's fairly easy to get tickets to see the Detroit Red Wings when they're in town. It's certainly easier here than it is in Detroit.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Carolina Hurricanes. But I'll always be a Red Wings fan first. I wonder: is there a specific age after which, if you move, you no longer are capable of switching primary allegiances to your sports teams? I imagine if I'd moved here when I was twelve, I'd be a die-hard Hurricanes fan.

I've come up with the ideal nominee for the Supreme Court. My nominee is Judge George Greer. He's a Florida Republican, so that should make the Bush family happy, right? Oh wait, there was that minor matter about that Terri Schiavo girl...

But see, the reason I respect Greer is that he faithfully upheld the law over whatever personal convictions he might have had about the case. If you read any of his Schiavo decisions, you can see that he meticulously upheld Florida law in every circumstance, despite what his clueless detractors might try to claim. That's the sort of person we need on the Supreme Court.

I'm curious to see what happens if Bush nominates Alberto Gonzales, as some folks are predicting. Democrats hate him because of his stance on the death penalty and on rolling back Geneva Convention protections. But Christian right-wingers also hate him because he has a moderate stance on abortion rights. Hmm. If he were nominated, I think he'd almost be certain to be confirmed, because Democrats would fear the alternatives. There are a slate of right-wing ideologues who are also on the short list, and I think that even Torture-Em-High Gonzales would be preferable to most of them.

Someone has beaten me to the punch on creating a feedback-based dating service. Sort of. There's a site called where you can provide feedback about on-line dates that you've had. It's not a dating service itself; you just reference people's profiles on other services. Because of that, I don't know if it'll gain enough traction to really be useful.

Interestingly enough, there's also a site that rates dating services. It's called Cupid's Reviews. Looks pretty useful.
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Posted by Ken in: datingpoliticssports


Comment #1 from CupidsReviews Doug (Guest)
2005 Jul 5 - 11:19 am : #
Hey, Cupid says thanks for the plug! I know TrueDater has been getting a lot of press lately but I just don't see how that site is going to work. If you're on three or four dating sites already, now you have to go to ANOTHER site where you can't meet the people and it's based around looking at reviews for people you probabnoly won't want to meet anyway. It's an intereting idea . . . but it just doesn't seem like a great service.

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