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Television: Idol Update, Week 7
Wednesday, 2006 April 5 - 9:58 am
It's country night. Oh, boy.

Katharine McPhee: 9/10. Overall=8.7.
It's a fun song; her vocals are strong in the high part but a little muddy in the lower parts. It's a good song choice for her and a good performance. She's starting to emerge as a front-runner because she's consistently solid. She'll be back next week.

Chris Daughtry: 7/10. Overall=8.0.
It's a nice change of pace from his usual stuff, and the vocals are pretty good. But it's a little boring. The question is, can he bring it when it's not a rocking song? I didn't see that tonight. But he should be back next week.

Mandisa: 8/10. Overall=7.5.
Okay, so what on earth is she wearing? Who shot the sofa? And what the heck is this song? But it's a pretty good performance... a little out of character, which might be just what she needed. She should be safe, but she needs to make sure to make people relate to her.

Kellie Pickler: 9/10. Overall=7.3.
Well, it's hard to imagine she'd do poorly tonight. She looks great tonight. It's a good song choice, and a very confident performance. Still a little weak on the low notes, but overall a strong showing. Definitely safe this week.

Taylor Hicks: 6/10. Overall=6.5.
It's an OK performance, but it doesn't wow me. It's much too safe, and for a sentimental song, it lacks sentiment. We need to see Taylor reach a little bit more. He should be safe for now, but he needs to start wowing us again soon.

Paris Bennett: 4/10. Overall=6.5.
It's very pitchy; she's missing a lot of notes. It's karaoke-ish. Her inconsistency is gonna spell trouble for her soon... she might see the bottom three this week.

Ace Young: 8/10. Overall=5.7.
Is he trying to make his voice sound this nasal? He goes sharp at times, which is distracting. It's a good song, though, and it fits his style. He might have escaped the bottom three this time around, but it'll be close.

Elliott Yamin: 5/10. Overall=5.5.
It's a pitchy start. That constant vibrato bugs me, as does the swaying and the blinking... it makes him seem nervous and lost. He found the pitch near the middle of the song, but then I was bored. Blah. A good candidate for the bottom three.

Bucky Covington: 4/10. Overall=3.2.
Starts very sharp, it's pitchy throughout, and it ends up a drunken karaoke mess. He definitely needs to go this week.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Apr 6 - 7:32 am : #
Whoa. Mandisa, Paris, and Elliott are in the bottom three. And Mandisa is out! I guess people didn't relate to her after all. Or maybe they didn't relate to that hideous afghan thing she was wearing Tuesday.

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