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Television: Idol Update, Week 9
Wednesday, 2006 April 19 - 7:57 pm
Rod Stewart night. Sort of.

When I heard it was Rod Stewart night, I cringed at the thought of someone singing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", which may possibly be my least favorite song ever. Fortunately, everyone was singing American standards, because Rod recently released a series of records called "The Great American Songbook". Whew.

It was a pretty solid night overall; now that we've gotten rid of all the stinkers, it should be a much tighter competition.

Katharine McPhee: 10/10. Overall=9.5.
"Someone to Watch Over Me". This song is a bit show-tuney, but wow, she's extremely polished and confident. Dead on key. The camera loves her. She singing with emotion; there's a lot of tenderness behind the song. I'm amazed at how consistently good she's become.

Kellie Pickler: 7/10. Overall=7.7.
"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered". She looks great; the dress actually gives her a figure. This song is a little show-tuney too, but i like it. There's a couple of bad notes in the middle, which might be expected because this is a difficult song. Then at the end she gets behind the music, then waaaaay ahead. She thinks she "butchered" it, and the judges are not impressed, but the truth is, it wasn't as bad as all that.

Paris Bennett: 9/10. Overall=7.5.
"Foolish Things". Um, she's dressed like she's going to a job interview. This is definitely her style of music; the song fits her voice well. There are a couple of pitchy notes, but just barely off. It's a smooth and polished performance.

Taylor Hicks: 8/10. Overall=7.3.
"You Send Me". It starts on key, and it's pleasant enough, but it's in danger of becoming a bit boring. And there's an off note or two. But then he gets into a fantastic and energetic finish, and that saves the whole thing. Simon says the beginning is bad cabaret, but the end is "magic".

Chris Daughtry: 7/10. Overall=6.3.
"What a Wonderful World". It's pleasant enough, but lacking in personality. He's just not doing anything with it. There's a weird thing that happens to his voice on high notes; that's a noticeable weakness on a song like this. Yeah, he changed things up and showed versatility, but he's needs to WOW us when he sings other styles. This wasn't a WOW performance; it was just okay.

Elliott Yamin: 6/10. Overall=5.8.
"It Had To Be You". To me, this is a pretty pale imitation of Harry Connick. Distinctly lacking in personality. The vocal is pleasant; the singing is better than average for him. But the performance is cheesy and a bit boring. He should be in the bottom three.

Ace Young: 6/10. Overall=5.3.
"That's All". He looks like a Miami used car dealer with the slicked-back ponytail thing. The look doesn't fit the song at all. He starts a little sharp, as is common for him. It's very nasal in the middle, and in certain ranges his voice lacks fullness. It's pretty boring and it ends with a weak last note. He should also be in the bottom three.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Apr 19 - 9:31 pm : #
Taylor is safe. The others are divided into a safe group and a bottom three group. Interesting: Group A is Elliott, Kellie, and Katharine. Group B is Chris, Paris, and Ace. Tough to say. Taylor is gonna be forced to choose which one he thinks is the bottom three.
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Apr 19 - 9:41 pm : #
Yeah, it's Group B. That fits with my predictions. And... Ace is out. Yep.

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