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College Football Recap
Tuesday, 2007 October 2 - 9:56 am
Michigan 28, Northwestern 16. N.C. State 10, Louisville 29.

Michigan 28, Northwestern 16. This was waaaay closer than the score indicates. Michigan was down 16-7 at the half, and it looked like a repeat of the App State game. But Chad Henne, still wearing a brace to protect his injured knee, came in and engineered three touchdown drives in the second half to win the game. And Northwestern gave up four turnovers in the fourth quarter. If not for Northwestern's sloppy play, I don't know... Michigan might have still won, but just barely.

The good: Chad Henne looked sharp in his return. Mario Manningham had a big day. The defense came up big in the second half, with plenty of hard hitting. Mike Hart managed to get 100 yards rushing despite running into a defense heavily stacked against him.

The bad: Third string right guard Tim McAvoy went down to injury (but may return next week). We are awfully thin at right guard, with Alex Mitchell still out and Jeremy Ciulla questionable as well. Starting tight end Mike Massey is hurt, and may be done for the season.

The ugly: Jason Gingell missed all of his field goal attempts. Ryan Mallett played like a freshman. The team came out very listless in the first half, particularly the defense. (Seemed a lot like App State in the first half... shudder.)

And then there's this business of Artis Chambers. During halftime, it was announced that he was ineligible to play this fall, under Big Ten rules (but not under NCAA rules). Chambers played a minor role on special teams, and it's possible that the Big Ten could levy some kind of penalty on Michigan for playing him in the Penn State game. The penalty could require Michigan to forfeit that game. Very few people think that the Big Ten will rule that harshly, considering Chambers' minor role, and considering that the situation was caused by an honest mistake by the administrative staff, and considering that the error was immediately reported when noticed.

But hey, Penn State fans... if it makes you feel better, you can put an asterisk by this year's Michigan game.

N.C. State 10, Louisville 29. N.C. State is just physically outmatched in a lot of these games. Louisville is a decent team, but this is the same Louisville that lost to lowly Syracuse last week. And, um, you will rarely win if you turn the ball over five times. I think this year officially qualifies as a "rebuilding" year for State. Next week? Florida State. N.C. State has managed upsets against the Seminoles before, but this year, I'm not optimistic.

Other News

It was a wild week for upsets. #3 Oklahoma lost to unranked Colorado. #4 Florida lost to unranked Auburn. #5 West Virginia lost to #18 South Florida. #7 Texas lost to unranked Kansas State. #9 Wisconsin lost to unranked Michigan State. [ed: oops, Wisconsin won.] #10 Rutgers lost to unranked Maryland. #13 Clemson lost to unranked Georgia Tech. #21 Penn State lost to unranked Illinois. #22 Alabama lost to unranked Florida State. Whew!

Cal beat Oregon in a huge Pac 10 matchup.

Kentucky beat Florida Atlantic, and is now in sole possession of first place in the SEC East. Kentucky. Yep.

Purdue beat Notre Dame, extending ND's misery to 0-5.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from Steve (Guest)
2007 Oct 2 - 1:07 pm : #
?? Wisconsin didn't lose...
Comment #2 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Oct 2 - 1:19 pm : #
Big win out of WMU, too.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2007 Oct 2 - 1:28 pm : #
Whoops, Steve, you're right of course. Wisconsin beat MSU. I was going through the Top 25 grid in a hurry and I messed up.

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