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College Football Recap
Monday, 2007 October 8 - 11:34 pm
Michigan 33, Eastern Michigan 22. N.C. State 10, Florida State 27.

Michigan 33, Eastern Michigan 22. So yeah, it's a not-so-good Eastern Michigan team, and Michigan should have won this one going away. But we know, there's no such thing as a gimme when it comes to Michigan.

The good: Mike Hart rushes for 215 yards, setting the all-time career rushing record at Michigan. Adrian Arrington had a personal best 102 yards receiving, including a touchdown catch. The defense held EMU to 304 yards. K.C. Lopata and David Middleton made some field goals, reviving some hope in our kicking game. And a whole bunch of young players, filling in for injured starters, got some valuable experience.

The bad: Henne threw two interceptions. An extra point was blocked and returned for two EMU points. EMU recovered two on-side kickoffs.

Really, this game wasn't as close as it seemed. EMU took advantage of their breaks, and scored a late touchdown against Michigan's second-teamers. But still, it would have been nice to see a blowout in a game like this.

N.C. State 10, Florida State 27. Over. matched. What can you say.

Western Michigan 38, Akron 39. Wow. WMU had this game in hand, up by a 38-31 with the ball, first down, with 1:39 to play. But after gaining three yards in three downs and taking a delay-of-game penalty, WMU decided to take a deliberate safety with 0:15 left, making the score 38-33. Akron returned the ensuing free kick for a touchdown, ending the game. It's hard to say which was the worse call: the deliberate safety, which made the game winnable for Akron with a touchdown, or the decision to make a returnable free kick instead of scrubbing it along the ground.

Other News

#2 USC lost in an absolute stunner to unranked Stanford, 24-23. Going into the game, Stanford was 1-3, and USC was a 41 point favorite. That makes this the biggest upset of the year. Maybe we can all stop talking about App State now, eh? I will say this, though: this outcome was a complete fluke. USC quarterback John David Booty, playing with a broken finger, threw four interceptions. Stanford converted two fourth downs on its game winning drive, including a fourth-and-20. But hey: for one week, congratulations to coach Jim Harbaugh and the Stanford team. (Next week: Harbaugh will be back to being an asshole.)

#1 LSU beat #9 Florida in a big SEC game, 28-24, after taking a few fourth-down gambles of its own. Florida is probably out of the national championship race now, with two losses; LSU cements its grip on the #1 ranking.

#4 Ohio State beat #23 Purdue 23-7. Is Ohio State that good, or was Purdue overrated? Maybe a bit of both. The Michigan-Purdue game next week will be interesting.

#5 Wisconsin lost to Illinois, 31-26. Yeah, Illinois is an improved team... but I think this is more an indication that Wisconsin was overrated.

#6 South Florida beat Florida Atlantic to improve to 5-0. They moved up to #5 in this week's AP poll... I don't think that's a very realistic ranking, but since no one else wants to hang on to the #5 ranking, South Florida might as well grab it for a while.

#8 Kentucky lost to #11 South Carolina. Kentucky is still a good team, I think, but so is South Carolina. They'll both cause some trouble for their SEC opponents down the road.

#10 Oklahoma beat #19 Texas 28-21 in the Red River Classic.

#12 Georgia lost to Tennessee 35-14. Georgia isn't really very good this year.

#15 Virginia Tech beat #22 Clemson, keeping the ACC Coastal division race interesting.

#17 Missouri beat #25 Nebraska, making Missouri the team to beat in the Big 12 North.

#16 Hawaii, #18 Arizona State, #20 Cincinnati, and previously-unranked Kansas all remained unbeaten.

Northwestern beat Michigan State 48-41 in overtime. Northwestern lost to Duke, yes, but they're a dangerous team.

Penn State beat Iowa 27-7, righting the ship somewhat.

Miami lost to North Carolina 33-27. Can anyone figure out this Miami team?

And finally, Notre Dame got its first win of the season, against UCLA. Now, UCLA was playing a walk-on quarterback, and Notre Dame won even though they only scored one offensive touchdown... and that touchdown came on a four-yard drive after an interception. So, I don't think this really signals a turnaround for the Irish.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Oct 13 - 4:35 pm : #
...Nowwwwwwww you mention WMU... :(

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