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Fall Television
Monday, 2007 October 8 - 11:48 pm
The shows I'm watching this year.


"The Simpsons" on Fox at 8:00. Still great.

"Family Guy" on Fox at 9:00. Still hit-or-miss, but worth it for the funny bits.


"Chuck" on NBC at 8:00. A cute show; it's kind of like a funny, self-effacing version of "Alias". Definitely a keeper, as long as the show doesn't fall prey to NBC gimmickery (romance leading to wedding to baby... I'm talking about you, "E.R.").

"Heroes" on NBC at 9:00. Gotta keep watching. This year is starting a bit slow. The story arc doesn't hold the same sense of mystery, and the show is in danger of being muddled by too many characters and plot lines. But I'm hopeful things will tighten up... there are too many likable actors and characters to let this show go.


"Beauty and the Geek" on the WB at 8:00. It's like a train wreck sometimes, but it can also be surprisingly touching.

"Boston Legal" on ABC at 10:00. I actually missed most of last season, but this is the kind of show you can pick back up. John Larroquette is a nice addition to the cast.


"Kid Nation" on CBS at 8:00. An interesting sociological experiment, but I wish the producers would let the kids run free a bit... it doesn't have to get to a Lord of the Flies level, but I wouldn't mind more anarchy; I want to see how the kids cope.

"Pushing Daisies" on ABC at 8:00. It's on the DVR, but I haven't seen it yet. Looks promising.

"Kitchen Nightmares" on Fox at 9:00. It's another British import with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Love it.

"Lost" on ABC at 10:00. Waiting eagerly for this to start.


"My Name is Earl" on NBC at 8:00. Still one of the best comedies on TV.

"Survivor" on CBS at 8:00. The reigning king of reality TV; they somehow still manage to make it interesting.

"The Office" on NBC at 9:00. Last year's season finale finally got me back watching this show.

I'll Pass On...

"Journeyman". Isn't this "Quantum Leap"?

"Bionic Woman". I watched the premiere. I had high hopes for this show, but the writing seemed so hacked together, and the show didn't feel inventive in any way.

"Life". It's like "House (the Doctor) Becomes a Detective". Seemed like a very ordinary crime drama; the premiere wasn't very compelling.

"Reaper". I guess I wanted to watch this, but now that I've missed it, I'm not feeling pressed to pick it up.

"E.R." This show just needs to die already. Jumped the shark? This show jumped the motorcyle that jumped the shark that jumped the doctor-killing helicopter that jumped the hospital-destroying tank.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Steve (Guest)
2007 Oct 9 - 10:38 am : #
Pushing Daisies was great. We're hoping it stays as good as the pilot.
Comment #2 from Bake Town (Guest)
2007 Oct 9 - 11:03 am : #
Damn! You watch a lot of TV! I was looking forward to the Bionic Woman... imagine my disapointment when it sucked my butt.
Comment #3 from John C (Guest)
2007 Oct 11 - 9:36 pm : #
Now I know why you don't blog more...

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