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Dating Update
Thursday, 2005 March 10 - 10:11 pm
There's a little bit of news. Not much.

So, I never did write to cock-out girl. She hasn't corrected her profile yet. Any bets on how long it will take? I'll buy a beer to whoever comes the closest.

Even if she does fix her profile, she will always be known to me as "cock-out girl". I learned a while ago that when it comes to on-line dating, you have to assign mnemonic nicknames to everyone, or you can never keep them straight. Sorry, cock-out girl, that's the name you're stuck with.

The pretty, funny, athletic girl (the one I knew from Real Life) wrote to me again. She remembers me. Her nickname will be "Hot Cha". We still have not made plans to see each other, but I'm working on it.

Back in the non-virtual world, tonight I got invited to a "client appreciation" party by my very dear friend Jessica, who works for our corporate recruiter. This was a last-minute invitation, but fortunately I happened to be wearing some of my new clothes today, so I looked pretty good. (I wore my new clothes, by the way, because today I met with a VERY CUTE ex-coworker for lunch. But, no romantic possibilities there, unfortunately.)

At the party, I introduced myself to a pretty girl; she'll be starting work as a recruiter on Monday. I'm hoping I didn't have a big wad of basil in my teeth while I was talking to her. (That's one of my superpowers: whatever I eat, I can get it stuck between my teeth, especially if it's green.) Jessica is going to find out for me what her story is.

That's all the dating news for now. Not very exciting, I guess. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Mar 11 - 10:51 am : #
I don't see why you even need Snatch Hot Mom and its sorry selection of cock-out girls when you have a workplace that's providing a BOUNTY of attractive ladies.

Also, I love that you're nicknaming a potential match after a Giants song. That would win me over in a second.
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Mar 11 - 12:49 pm : #
"You had me at Hot Cha. You had me at Hot Cha." Something like that? :)

Last night's event was only loosely affiliated with my workplace; I really only got invited because I'm friends with Jessica, who works for our recruiting agency. I wouldn't characterize my workplace as providing a "bounty". I believe there's only one single woman here now, and she, um, bats for the other team.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Mar 11 - 1:36 pm : #
Oh, and just to clarify, I only re-discovered Hot Cha because she posted an on-line profile. I'm not sure I made that obvious in my earlier post.

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