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Bleah Part Three
Monday, 2005 April 18 - 8:49 pm
Damn, I feel like CRAP today.

I have many theories on why I feel lousy today:

- I had a two-martini nightcap last night.
- I have a case of the Mondays. And not enough flair.
- I might not have actually recovered from last week's mystery illness.
- I pushed my luck by going running yesterday.
- Spring allergies have turned my nose into the Colorado River.
- The fluorescent lights at work are sucking out my life through my eyeballs.

Right now, there's nothing I want more than to sleep for 72 hours in a row... except, to keep in touch with my Lovely Blog Audience. So I'm just gonna suck it up and WRITE. I don't know if I can put together a complete coherent article, but at least I can spit out a few random thoughts.

Here's something interesting I noticed yesterday: a local TV reporter, Gloria Lopez, appears to have an on-line dating profile. I find that odd; if you're a TV personality, don't you already get enough wacko stalkers without having to resort to the Internet? I wonder if it's bad that I'm outing her like this. Then again, it didn't really take a tremendous amount of detective work to find her out.

Something else from yesterday: my friend Julie Orringer's book, How To Breathe Underwater, was featured on a table at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Isn't that cool? I will always love Julie because she didn't complain when I dropped her on her head while trying to do a fancy swing-dancing lift.

Finally, something fun: check out this entry from the Tokyo Times blog, especially if you like cats.
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Posted by Ken in: booksdatinglife


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Apr 19 - 4:12 pm : #
So... Are you going to contact Gloria?
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Apr 20 - 12:35 am : #
She's not really my type, I don't think. But I sent her a short e-mail anyway. She hasn't written back.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Apr 20 - 1:38 am : #
Update: she wrote back. And get this: SHE DENIES THAT SHE'S GLORIA LOPEZ. So, there are two people who look exactly the same, and who both:

- have a family from South America
- grew up in Toronto, lived in Georgia, and lived in Colorado
- speak multiple languages
- are reading Lance Armstrong's novel "It's Not About the Bike"
- like salsa dancing and dogs

Is this some kind of game she's playing? I'm going to write her again.

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