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Your People Are Causing a Disturbance
Tuesday, 2008 February 26 - 10:15 pm
So I had another birthday recently. That makes me officially older than dirt. At least I still have a beautiful and thoughtful wife.

For my birthday, Amy got me a slinky top-of-the-line MacBook Air. Yep. I have unboxing photos and a full review to post later, but the short version is this: it's fantastically light, solidly built, and completely silent. It's not going to replace my primary computer; lack of Firewire means I can't connect the video camera, and it's a bit too port-limited for convenient hard drive expansion. But it's really a perfect satellite computer; it's nice particularly for blogging in bed.

And, it's awful damn sexy.

This past weekend, I just recovered from my flu enough to get taken out with my friends. Amy got tickets to the local comedy club, Charlie Goodnight's, to see Christopher Titus. And this is where the real fun began.

About fifteen minutes into the show, one of the people in our group put a camera on a little tripod to take a picture. So Titus stopped his act to say, "Is that a video camera?" (It wasn't, of course.) The opening act comedian, who's also apparently Mr. Club Camera Policeman, came over and started demanding that we hand over the camera.

The problem is, he made his demands to Ann, who's not the owner of the camera. Ann was barely even aware that there WAS a camera. But despite her explanations, he wouldn't let it go, and kept coming back to accost her.

Meanwhile, I got called away to the bar to have a kamikaze shot. (Hey, it was my birthday.) While I was there, Jessica came over to me and said, "Your people are causing a disturbance." Generally, it's not a good thing when someone tells you that.

Apparently, Mr. Camera Policeman had accosted Ann one too many times, and Amy let him have it; she demanded that he leave her alone, and that he apologize to her. That might not have been the most diplomatic thing she could have done, but as we'll see in a minute, I hardly have room to criticize.

When I returned to our table, the show had stopped, the staff had descended on our table... and we all got escorted outside. The waitress was screaming, demanding that we all be permanently banned from the club, and insisting that the manager call the police. (The police? WTF?)

It was at this point that I told the entire staff that they were assholes. That, uh, might not have been the most diplomatic thing I could have done.

So we got kicked out of Charlie Goodnight's for my birthday. For what it's worth, Christopher Titus' new act, largely focusing on his recent divorce, was a little whiny and boring... and we blame him for starting the whole thing by falsely accusing us of having a video camera.

Afterwards, we went to the Globe, got thoroughly drunk, and laughed about the whole incident.

I can't say I wasn't bothered about the incident for a while, the next day. I did think we could have all handled it a little better, and maybe even gotten an apology and some free drinks out of it all. But, meh... I'm over it. It's not as though any of the current staff will still be working at Charlie Goodnight's next time I go there. It's been ten years since the last time I saw a stand-up comedian, and it'll probably be another ten before the next one. And I'm sure Charlie Goodnight's will still have the same old brick wall behind the stage that they had in the 1980s.

It was certainly a memorable birthday. Good times. Good times.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from baketown (baketown)
2008 Feb 28 - 12:22 pm : #
That sounds like fun to me! Happy B Day!

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