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Sunday, 2006 December 3 - 12:16 pm
What, I'm supposed to blog about myself?

Sometimes on this blog, I'll say something like this: "Long-time readers of this blog will know {some trivial fact about me}." The concept of a "long-time reader" is somewhat questionable, since all five of you who read this blog have pretty much all been reading for the same amount of time. And my assumption that you know {some trivial fact about me} is, in many cases, wrong.

So with that being said...

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I tend to dive into topics that many people find boring. For any given topic that I write about, I figure that about 20% of my readers will find it interesting, but the other, um, four readers will just skip it.

But here's the thing: I always like to be analyzing something. I actually just like the process of thinking about something in depth, breaking it down, and predicting outcomes. I guess it's the engineer in me. Sometimes people find it strange that I spend so much time writing about the nuances of "American Idol". But sometimes analyzing something enhances my enjoyment of it.

So that's why I write about politics, and Apple, and college football, and stuff like that. The times I get into blog droughts are when I don't have a topic like that to discuss.

As far as stuff going on in my life? We've got contractor issues, wedding issues, and various other sources of stress.

The contractor working on Amy's house has been a point of irritation. He's been working so slowly, and he didn't get the building permits he was supposed to get. He seems like a nice guy, but dang, this just isn't going well. We didn't impose any deadlines on him contractually, but I'll know better next time.

On the wedding, the host site who's coordinating everything keeps changing stuff on us. They'll say stuff like, "Oh, you didn't want the bar to close two hours before the end of the reception?" Or after telling us we would have use of the site all day, they suddenly tell us we can only get there at 3:00 PM, two hours before the ceremony. And as with the contractor, I'm tempted to say that I'll know better next time... though hopefully there won't be a next time for this.

To end on a completely unrelated topic, I recommend that you do not buy this shampoo:

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Posted by Ken in: lifesite-business


Comment #1 from javi (Guest)
2006 Dec 3 - 2:08 pm : #
darra and i are on out third contractor and fourteenth month of renovation on our place - doesn't look like we are going to move in until next april. the second contractor almost got us into a lawsuit situation with out neighbors due to un-pulled permits. these people use their niceness to get you to trust them with things like deadlines and have no intention of making good - what have i learned? the only way of insuring a business relationship remains friendly is to get it all in writing.

on a lighter note, where are you guys registered?
Comment #2 from Phil (Guest)
2006 Dec 11 - 4:19 am : #
Wow -- that shampoo apparently sucks so bad that the picture link is broken! :-)

Regarding the 20% of readership thing: does that mean your total readership will always have to number in multiples of five? That would be interesting. (To me, at least -- if not the other 80% who don't find math jokes humorous.)
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Dec 11 - 8:59 am : #
Whoops. Link is fixed.
Comment #4 from sweatpantsmom (Guest)
2006 Dec 14 - 6:31 pm : #
I have to say that what's in that bottle looks like er - some other bodily fluid. *Ahem.*

Although it IS loaded with protein!

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