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Finduslove: Now, Seekhotdates
Wednesday, 2005 June 1 - 12:58 am
They're trying again, and this time, with a new name!

So, they're back. The same folks that brought you and are now up using the name "seekhotdates". The fake profile is more carefully crafted now, but it has this telltale phrase: "You can find me on seek hot dates, another great place."

The Whois information is basically the same as

Registrant: "Keep Private Inc"
Minneapolis, Mn 55416 US
Record created on November 08, 2004
Record last updated on December 02, 2004
Record expires on November 08, 2006

Still seems like a scam, guys, so watch out.
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Posted by Ken in: dating


Comment #1 from Speaker (Guest)
2005 Jun 3 - 10:21 am : #
i hate scams :P
Comment #2 from Exponent2000 (Guest)
2005 Jun 19 - 3:05 pm : #
There's another domain yet: I got a wink on from a very good looking "kaskade112", and it made reference to - which is, just coincidently, a "partner" of . I'm going to alert the knuckleheads at Match about this.
Comment #3 from Jim (Guest)
2005 Jul 19 - 8:43 pm : #
Hi guys, just to let you know I received a wink from VibrantKate on and her profile mentioned seekhotdates. So I thought well I will go there JUST to see some other pictures of her. I did a search and wound up here instead! Those Russians didn't scam me out of one penny and neither will she! lol Where I come from we don't even trust our own mothers.... Jimmy
Comment #4 from michael j chandlee (Guest)
2005 Jul 27 - 1:08 pm : #
I got lured in by 'Alluring387' @
Comment #5 from Al (Guest)
2005 Oct 20 - 4:26 am : #
Thanks for the heads up! I just got sent here from yahoo personals...she look really pretty but I see what it is all about...bull
Comment #6 from Gerry (Guest)
2005 Oct 22 - 9:22 pm : #
They have a new site Got a wink from "YummySundae" at It looked too suspicious. I did give them an email address which is already loaded with spam. Now of course I am getting several emails from fake members.
Comment #7 from blake (Guest)
2006 Aug 9 - 5:50 pm : #
why are all the comments a year old,let me tell you this site HIT
the nail right on the head.I am so new to this i was not scammed but i read up on it by tends to mail and wink for you and on,and on members dont know about it.

the russian thing is SO fake and they are good at it. I never sent $$$$$$ to the woman with the most obvious BS they think we
are stupid, but i read about some other men who did thank god

thanks for letting me express my ordeal
Comment #8 from DJ (Guest)
2008 Jun 29 - 6:15 pm : #
The things you learn on here. I almost fell for the Russian thing but some one told me to block it and I did .I am so glad I did. That went on for two mouths befor I did. She had some great pics of her for a girl that had to go to a internet cafe to email me and live with her grandma and no cell phone. I just deleted my profile too. Has anybody heard of some one by the name helenadreams I have gotten winks from her on saying something about her having more info on that site about her . She says she has more things posted on that site. she can keep them there as far as I could care less. I did fall for the heartdetectives scam. once I got to looking there is no way to contact them. It was a money order so I don't have to do anything with my credit card thankfully. I want to thank the person who started this thread .
Comment #9 from James (Guest)
2008 Aug 19 - 9:32 pm : #
I just got winked at by HeidiGal073 on today. Attractive woman but by no means a knockout. But after reading the comments on here, I'm sure it's just part of the BS scam.
Comment #10 from Len (Guest)
2009 Aug 27 - 2:22 pm : #
All the comments here seem to be rather old, so I will offer my recent experience.

Yes, I fell for the Heart Detectives scam... but I realized it very quickly, got to CCBill and cancelled. But, assuming they won't honor the cancellation, I am canceling that card. does offer a way to report fraudulent users by their Match ID. But the more flagrant thing going on now is a rather circuitous conspiracy to farm and phish CC numbers from unsuspecting men. Follow if you can...

Do a search for virtually any kind of singles site and you'll find an endless list of options broken down by interests, circumstance or even fetish. For example, I've seen sites like onlinebootycall, datinghookup, cheatingwiveslink, passionads and sites advertising interracial, cougars, MILFs, bondage and whatever variety you can think of. Having set up a bogus Yahoo account I then set up profiles on a couple of these sites... cheatingwiveslink and onlinebootycall.

As with the others, the e-mails abound from beautiful women who can't wait to meet me. Some offer their "private" email right away (usually yahoo, gmail or hotmail... the free ones) others wait until making contact outside of the dating site. Either way, the scam is easily recognized when the "con" asks the man to visit her own private site where she's posted explicit pics and can conduct chats there too. When visiting the site, the man is immediately asked to sign-up and this includes giving personal information (name, address, and other contact) as well as a valid credit card number.

If you go so far as to reply to the woman about your hesitancy to sign-up because it requires a CC number, she encourages you that the CC will not actually be charged or that you can cancel after receiving a confirmation number on the page AFTER you give the CC number (I never went far enough to give a CC#.)

One of the sites, cheatingwiveslink, tipped their hand when on their own home page there is a link to their own product offering. That is, they sell accounts to the "women" posting profiles. For some small fee ($49 or so) "Date Link" will host the con's profiles. In exchange, date link collects a small fee for every click through or e-mail that is generated from their profile. Date Link advertises that the more profiles you create on the widest variety of "interest specific" sites, the better your results. They suggest that it's easier to turn a con on a guy who's into bondage if you appeal to him ON a bondage site. Same with a guy into young women or gays, bi's, 3-somes, groups or other specific indulgences.

Date Link realizes these cons are simply trying to find suckers and lure them to alternate sites, so the real product they are selling is hot leads who have already paid for a membership to a "benign" social networking site and who are that much more inclined to go a step further to pay for an elicit site. The unsuspecting man is like a sitting duck.

The con's incentive is to lure the victim away from Date Link as quickly as possible so as not to pay Date Link for a string of emails. Date Link knows this so they state very clearly the "risks" associated with posting alternative contact info (this actually ads a veneer of credibility to Date Link because they appeal to one's cautious side by stating that scammers are out there.) Some sites (Heart Detectives) outright ban the posting of external email address in emails to other users of their site. ALL of these sites forbid the sending of mail to a member address from an address that is NOT associated with a paid account.

So, the con lures the victim to her "private site" which is really just a teaser to make the victim enter personal info and CC#s. Once they have that, there is no need for the deception to go on, but it might be that the con is running a real webcam, chat or porn site to which the paying victim now has access to. But the short story is that the CC# is already stolen.

The billing company hired by the con to run the transaction PAYS the con a small commission (about 25 cents) for every click through the con generates... whether the victim ACTUALLY SIGNS UP OR NOT!!! Each additional page the victim goes through means more the commissions to the con. If an actual CC is gathered, then the con gets a percentage of all charges to the CC over the length of that victim's membership. (I couldn't determine whether the billing company and the con are one in the same or not, although it really doesn't matter... either way you lose.)

The fact that you can find the same pictures of women on multiple sites with the same profiles but different names should be a tip off. When three or four women that contact you from the date link site all have identical profiles and first names but different email addresses is another tip off.

In my brief experiment, I received interest from 3 different woman named Andrea, 4 named Jennifer, 2 named Laura and only one Samantha (I guess fewer guys like the name Samantha.) I also received the same EMAIL from a bunch of different women. A telltale sign is that the woman is anxious to meet you... tonight even. The sense of urgency and fear of lost opportunity is a great motivator to the hungry male victim. I also received numerous emails saying that the woman would love to just stay at her place and watch a movie, but be warned, she gets very "hands-on" when alone with a man. She finally says she hopes that doesn't freak you out. COME ON... what man horny enough to go through this whole process and give up CC info WOULDN'T want a woman to put her hands all over him?

Exposing these crooks is really is a job for 60 minutes or Dateline. Perhaps I'll do the story and send it in as a freelance piece... and earn my $24.95 back that I lost on Heart Detectives!!

Good luck to all and stick with real live girls.

Dallas, TX
Comment #11 from lisa (Guest)
2012 Mar 7 - 11:15 pm : #
my credit card got charged , so when i checked my account online it says WBE INC. AZUS , COULD YOU TELL ME PLEASE WHAT COUNTRY ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO SCAM US FROM ?

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