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It's Just (a) Lunch (Scam)?
Thursday, 2005 June 23 - 1:07 am
So, continuing my dating service research: I've been looking into the heavily advertised "It's Just Lunch" service.

Lots of people have seen the ads. "Busy professionals", blah blah blah, "casual dates over lunch", blah blah blah. The service is called "It's Just Lunch". The premise is that the dating consultants get to know you personally, so they can set you up with a good match. They arrange a series of lunch dates for you, and all you have to do is show up. Sounds great, right? A lot of my friends have asked me if I was going to try it.

Well, here's catch number one: the cost is $1300 per year... plus a $200 interview fee. There are no refunds. Egads.

Catch number two is, apparently they really don't go to much effort to set you up with a good match. According to customer complaints on, they just pair you up with whomever they can get. They're not at all selective in their clientele; they'll take anyone who'll pay the fee, and they assume people are so desperate that they'll overlook things like age, race, and religion. Um.

Granted, there's no way of knowing if the stories on are representative, but what's even scarier is reading the "insider" stories from the franchisees, who seem to verify that the business practices are shady at best. Oh, and by the way, there have been lawsuits filed by customers against the franchisees, and by franchisees against the parent company.

"It's Just Lunch" seems to be not too different from older (pre-Internet) dating services like "Together" and "Great Expectations"... services which also received large volumes of complaints from dissatisfied customers.

I sometimes wonder, why don't single people band together and form a free community dating service? Nowadays, things like Internet dating and speed dating are commonplace, and people seem open to the idea of meeting strangers. Why can't we just set it up ourselves and do it for free?

But one thing I've realized is this: if a singles organization is any good, it loses all of its members, because the single people all couple up. That's sort of what happened to my friend QueenB, who used to arrange singles events all the time, before she got hooked up herself. So while lots of single people might be enthusiastic about getting together in the beginning, it's maintaining the motivation that becomes difficult.

One thing that I could do, though... I could set up my own dating web site, and it's possible that I could recoup the hosting fees with advertising and donations. I could make the system somewhat self-policing in the same way eBay does: by allowing people to post feedback about their dates. Wouldn't THAT be a hoot!

I think I'm onto something. Stay tuned.
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Posted by Ken in: dating


Comment #1 from Phil (Guest)
2005 Jun 24 - 12:30 am : #
If you add video coverage to the post-date feedback, you've got an excellent non-blind version of "Blind Date". And wouldn't that be fun?

By the way -- I'm having a sudden brain-loss as to who your co-host was for the singles thing at April & George a couple of years ago. Can you remind me?
Comment #2 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Jun 24 - 2:48 am : #
Oh my God. You can do it. You should!
Comment #3 from Scott (Guest)
2006 Dec 19 - 11:19 pm : #
I'm definitely on board with your singles community idea. I've tried what seems like almost everything except for "It's Just Lunch" and I could kinda feel it was a scam when the lady who was calling me wouldn't even let me finish a sentence because she was busy calling other people. Eharmony is also worthless because they never expunge anyone from their database. When I signed up last time I immediately got all these matches, which neither responded nor dropped me as an interest. I did meet one good person through the service, but it is mostly a money-making scam. Please let me know if I can do anything to help get this singles community going if you should decide to go that route.

Comment #4 from Tony (Guest)
2007 Jan 24 - 8:33 pm : #
Here's an article about that organization:

I actually made a blog entry about my own opinion about that organization, and how (considering it's happened with "Great Expectations" and other industries from before the internet) That their "Expectations" should not be so great when joining these organizations. "Buyer Beware!" Do your research!

My Opinion:

- Tony
Comment #5 from BP (Guest)
2007 May 1 - 6:05 pm : #
Try Its a much nicer way to meet people who are interested in the same thing you are.

Here is my experience with Its Just Lunch...

I joined IJL in Newport Beach, CA on June 6, 2005. When I completed my application I emphasized how important it was to me that I met someone who was a professional (like me), and an active "ocean person" who loves to sail, scuba dive and ski, and had the time and money to travel internationally. Most important, I wanted to date another Christian. In the interview I asked whether they had enough male members who would be compatible. Before I signed the contract with them, they assured me that they had enough men in their database to fulfill what I was looking for and quickly ran my credit card. I paid them $1300 in advance for 14 dates, based on their promises to provide compatible partners for me.

They require that you phone them to "report in" within 24 hours of your date. They told me that this was so they could get a better idea of what you did or did not like about the guy, and they could apply this to find you a more compatible date the next time. It all sounded like a great idea.

The truth was, they did not have nearly as many people in their system as they had told me.

Even after numerous complains during the next months, the matches they aligned me with became more and more incompatible and the dates kept getting worse and worse. They have not even come close to delivering what they promised.

Several times they sent me to one restaurant and my date to another. One of the dates never showed up at all. They gave me some lame excuse as to why he didn't show.

I expressed my concerns to them numerous times when giving my date feedback. They even offered to extend my membership to give me more dates. What good would that do? They couldn't deliver what they had already promised me.

Out of total frustration I put my membership on hold in October 2006.

In the middle of January I wrote them a letter outlining all their lies and demanded my money back in spite of a "no refunds" clause in their contract. I pointed out to them that I would contact an attorney and sue them for breach of contract if they did not refund my money, since they lied to me to get me to sign the agreement in the first place.

They send me back a letter telling me that they would refund my money in return for signing a non-disclosure that I would not go public with my story. I signed it, and waited for my refund. Now, almost four months later, still no refund. Additionally, they continue to promise to return my phone calls and never do.

This company is not qualified to be in the matchmaking business. The promises they make to the prospective members are for the purpose of putting money into their own pockets.

I am currently filing a claim in Orange County Small Claims Court asking for all my money back. I am also sending this report to Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau and any other place where I can get the word out. If I can keep one other busy professional from wasting their time and money with this company, then I feel it will have done some good.
Comment #6 from Jennifer (Guest)
2008 Jun 26 - 3:18 pm : #
I agree with all of you about It's Just Lunch. Total scam.
I joined the one in NY and it was/is the biggest mistake of my life. I asked for a refund and you all know what they said....NO.
I told them I was going to get a lawyer or call the press and the girl laughed. She laughed at me!!!!!!
We singles need to stick together and stand up against this company. Like being single in NYC isn't hard enough
Comment #7 from Shannon (Guest)
2008 Nov 16 - 8:24 pm : #
Hello, all. I'm just now living a similar experience with IJL in DC. In the past year, I have had two dates - yes, two dates. Two others I was supposed to go out with have canceled on more than one occasion. I am a professional African American in Washington, DC - Chocolate city! And still, two dates in twelve months. I am writing my letter to the corporate office now. I know I won't get my money back, but I will continue to spread the word of their incompetence.

Thanks for allowing me to vent!!!
Comment #8 from anonymous (Guest)
2008 Nov 24 - 6:09 pm : #



Comment #9 from NMR (Guest)
2009 Jan 9 - 5:33 pm : #
I have just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Boise, Idaho. The following is what I sent. I too, would hope that those thinking of trying It's Just Lunch would seriously research all of the complaints from dissatisfied clients.

The following letter was sent to It’s Just Lunch on November 18, 2008. When I received no response, a copy was sent on December 9, 2008. Again, I received no response.

In addition, I have left voice messages for the person in charge of Boise members at 208-429-1399 on December 30, 2008 and January 8, 2009. When transferred to a “supervisor” named Maritza at the company, I left messages on January 6 and 8, 2009. No one has called me back.

It’s Just Lunch
801 East Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite 201
Hallandale, Florida 33009

November 18, 2008

RE: membership

It has been about three and one-half months since I first joined It’s Just Lunch. I have been introduced to four men, two of which are very unsuitable and all four who have absolutely no interest in me. Two of them (the most unsuitable ones) did not once ask me something about my own life or work, they only talked about themselves. It is obvious that there is no one in the Boise It’s Just Lunch data base who is suitable for me.

I wish to cancel my membership under the provision in the contract that states, “. . . all remaining monies will be refunded on a pro-rated basis, less a Two Hundred Dollar ($200.00) interview processing charge.” That would be one-half of $1,100 (four of eight promised introductions) minus $200 =$350.

Please take care of this cancellation request immediately and refund $350 to me.
Comment #10 from NYC (Guest)
2009 Jan 19 - 10:48 pm : #
i have used IJL, and i have to say i disagree, i met many great women through the service and almost married one. They have too many women and not enough men, that is the issue, but really folks, there are alot of nut jobs out there, and they can only do so much to screen them out. Frankly, the women i met were mostly very nice, maybe not cindy crawford, but i'm not richard gere either...

the suit was by people who didn't get what they dreamed of, a knight on a white horse, who had tons of money and was handsome, and picked them out of all the tons of hot women in nyc, that's life, its not fair, but don't blame them
Comment #11 from Jim (Guest)
2009 Feb 9 - 11:07 am : #
IJL is a bunch of crap. I registered with them in December of 2008 and paid them $2000. They ASSURED me there were "plenty of women" who are Christian (my number 1 requirement) and who want kids (number 2 requirement) who would be interested in dating me.

I have been on four dates, but three of them were totally worthless. The first date they set me up with a Jewish woman whose children are grown. The second date was with a Christian woman who does NOT want kids. The third date was ok but there was no chemistry (not their fault). And the fourth date was, again, with a woman who does not want children.

After each erroneous date, I called the morons at IJL to tell them what happened. They assured me that they had simply overlooked my criteria, and would do better in the future. What a load of junk!

I am going to file a claim in small claims court against them to get all of my money back.

Comment #12 from Anomious (Guest)
2009 Feb 18 - 7:16 am : #



Comment #13 from NK (trytobeok)
2009 Feb 23 - 11:15 am : #
I joined IJL in Toronto, Canada, last spring and now I filed a law claim with small claims court . And I filed a complaint with BBB in Toronto. This services should be shut. LIE, EMBARRASSMENT,FRUSTRATION,WASTE of MONEY and TIME, DAMAGE OF SELF-ESTEEM AND MORAL DAMAGE over all... FOR MEN AND WOMEN. I am not even speaking about all restaurants' bills and hairdresser bills. I wish Canadian women and men would be more firm and file a class lawsuit in Canada (like the clients did in America); I can assure you that ALL what is said above in those articles totally applies to me .All they promise you sounds fabulous and promising, but at the end effect it turns out to be a pure scam and fraud. After I got involved with them I did my research; I should have FIRST do a detailed research about the company. But I trusted them while they were telling me that the company appeared on Oprah and national television. Well, what I went through I will not wish my worst enemy. When I first read about IJL it looked so believable. The ad said the CEO of the company was a Harvard graduate. I was so sure and convinced that it will be legitimate dating services. But after going on first 3 dates I have learned that the matches don’t come even close to meeting my criteria, so I realized that ITS JUST LUNCH does not necessarily live up to its exclusive image. Even employees of IJL claim its a scam and fraud. And IJL web pages do not allow the clients to post their feedback and experiences with IJL service directors ( rather pushy sales reps) directly. Whatever is there i am 150% sure is made up by IJL Media center and is fake. I have researched the pages from Atlanta, Chicago, Miami,and some others and even Dublin. All the pictures of their service directors are the same. So, Ms. Brown, whose pix is on almost all of IJL internet sites of North America and Europe, works in all these office? Even this is fake, mind their promises and lies.
I would rather donate that money i paid them to charity or sick kids hospital.
For more info and if anyone in Canada or Ontario is ready to file a class lawsuit pls e-mail me at : N.K. from Toronto, Feb.23,2009
Comment #14 from Nicole (Guest)
2009 Apr 2 - 10:42 pm : #
It's Just Lunch is a total rip off. I would tell anyone who is thinking of joining SAVE YOUR MONEY!! They interviewed me in California and then moved the whole operation to Florida! The dates were picked at random and had nothing at all to do with my requested qualities. It could have been anyone, and two of them were complete headcases. It was outrageously expensive and they didn't even give me the number of dates they promised. It's the worst agency! Much better to go online!!
Comment #15 from Carolyn (Guest)
2009 Apr 28 - 4:10 pm : #
WOW! I'm so glad I decided to do some research on this company before considering joining. I "heard" it was expensive but $1500+ having to pay for all of the dates is crazy! I would definitely expect to be setup with above average men if I paid that much money. I dont even understand what you are paying for to be honest?! To be set up with a bunch of people you could easily just grab off of the street?! Sheesh!

I feel bad for all of the people who were scammed out of their money by this company but I will say to all of you, THANK YOU! Everything you have posted online has saved me the headache (and the 1500+dollars) of joining!!!!
Comment #16 from Dating1001 (dating1001)
2009 May 5 - 3:41 pm : #
I wanted to let everyone know about this dating service that I recently was a part of and why NOT to sign up for it.

I signed up for the year membership which costs $1,800. Pretty extreme, but you can take it however you want. When I first began I decided this would be a good investment into my future to find a wonderful woman to spend the rest of my life with. The dating world is not easy here in Chicago and the typical "bar" women are far from the best. So this was another option other than the online dating scene.

Anyway, throughout the year membership I went on over 25 dates with different women, so I feel I am experienced on how this works. IJL leads you to believe that they have the perfect matches for you, which they don't! They call and tell you about the new match: What they like to do, their looks, their activities, their travels, etc... After hearing basically the same description for each woman, I eventually told them to not waste their time in telling me about the details. Every one sounded fantastic, until you went out on the date! Out of these 25+ dates, I would say that only 2 were good looking. Only a few (6) could hold a conversation, and many had completely different views/likes etc...and weren't even close to a match. It is very frustrating to go through that many dates throughout the year and not find 1 woman that I would like to date. This service had no idea of what I was looking for, after several conversations stating what I was in search of. They only meet with you once and somehow they "know" you. You have to explain your likes/dislikes over the phone to someone you have never met. Supposedly, there are a group of people who sit in a room and go over all the different profiles to match you up. I think they just grab the closest match and that's who you will be meeting. There was never a good match and then after complaining several times, IJL had the nerve to ask me to sign up for another year! Crazy! I haven't even spoken to the woman who interviewed me initially (Since I signed up). You would think that she, being the one who "knows" you, would do her best to advise or help in any way possible. She explained that she knew exactly what I was looking for, and I believed her. Unreal. IJL doesn't even show you a picture of the person you are about to go on a date with. If they did that, it would have saved the woman and I a bunch of time. There were very few good looking women, and the ones that were good looking, couldn't hold a conversation or didn't have the same likes/dislikes as I. And I'm sure that everything is vice versa as well....if I wasn't the woman's type, it would have saved her time/money. I wanted to let you know that I wasn't the only one. Several dates (10) that I went on said they hated the service as well and they weren't listening to what they wanted. Some tried to cancel the membership, but IJL wouldn't let them. Throughout the 25+ dates, there wasn't 1 compliment about IJL. Only complaints.

Anyway, to make a long story short:

So, in conclusion, if you are considering this service, take my advice and don't waste your money. IJL has been more of an annoyance than anything else. No one seems to know what they are talking about and they are just reading could do that online for much less than $1800 + all the food and drinks that you have to spend when you go on these dates. Back to the real dating fact, already have 2 dates lined up WITHOUT the service! Good luck.

Comment #17 from Ramona Curry (Guest)
2009 May 15 - 9:08 pm : #
I worked in the Hallandale Beach, fl office for a very short tme, however long enough to see that the people-generally 25 year old women have no experience or education in what makes a good match. It is a fraud a scam. The woman who are making the matches have no education on what makes a "match". Our training was a week long, and it was about closing the sale. NOT ABOUT WHAT MAKES A COUPLE COMPATIBLE. Now, the price is 2200.00

Please save your money, they have NO IDEA in matching people that are compatible, however, they DO have training in taking your money.
Please BEWARE!
Comment #18 from penni (Guest)
2009 Jul 30 - 8:55 pm : #
It does seem like all the disgruntled EHarmony and IJL clientele could get together, organized by age and location.
Have a mass meeting grass roots style to see if any compatible beyond just being disgrunted by EHarmony/IJL.
Also a protest involving $$ most effective in this ecoonomy via Class Actions liability suits against those companies especially if not even setting up matches at all, which is the case for me and IJL NYC so far after several months waiting and many $$ lighter.
Even better perhaps Meet organization could be used to create a platform and organize those who felt dating opportunity needed enhancement corporate style, but want no more of it. Meet Up is alot cheaper. I would be willing to do that in NYC for those of the 50-60's age group especially for anyone willing to get criminal check similar to that promised by IJL.
Comment #19 from Polliwog (Guest)
2009 Aug 11 - 3:03 pm : #
My brother used IJL and so I joined too. I really was kind of doubtful too as I saw ads in local mags and then while traveling saw an ad, with the same people's pics. In another city's ad. Odd, I thought. Anyway, my brother got way more date offers than I did. Although my dates weren't terrible, I truly am a professional and most of the men I went out with were far from that. But, they also sheepishly told me they'd lied at their interview because they were afraid they'd be turned down. One said, he'd lied because he eventually PLANNED to become a busy professional. !!!A few had even lied about their height and weight! (Not sure how an interviewer can ferret out SOME of these lies, they are not ESP professionals.) Well the upshot of this is, that really, no one can do for you what natural meeting up and noticing someone randomly does. Not a dating service like this, not an online one, not a speed dating experience. It's all just absolute chance. For this company to sell itself as something different is a slick sales job, but for me, not a scam. I felt my director was really interested in my feedback, I think they did try. I finally met a guy while looking into the window of my local meat market; he was inside buying pork chops. I am a vegetarian, I ride my bike everywhere I can and work out like a nut, this guy hates physical excercise and loves steaks. I read, he loves TV. But we fell for each other, pretty hard! Go figure. If you buy into the idea that some magic formula is going to match you up with your dream date, then you should go back to watching Disney movies. I don't believe this company should be as unprofessional as I have read about, and I do know my brother is unhappy with his dating experiences and did not feel listened to at all. He is in another city, so maybe there's a difference in the way the various offices operate. I will say this, though: we all want great looking people who like the same things we do. (My brother wants a Barbie Doll, but he is the exact opposite of Ken, believe me.) We all have our flaws. Expectations run high, though, when you put out high dollars. I think that's the big problem.
Comment #20 from Casey (Guest)
2009 Aug 14 - 4:36 pm : #
I had a HORRIBLE experience with It's Just Lunch. I advise anyone to put your money elsewhere. Take yourself on vacation or throw it out the window... either will benefit you more.

I was coerced into joining IJL by a lovely woman who promised she had the men of my dreams in her "file." They were just waiting to meet me, all I had to do was pay $1,700. She called and called, and made me feel like if I passed this up, I would be alone and lonely forever. As soon as I paid, I never heard from her again.

I went on 2 dates. TWO. The first was with an uninterested guy, who acted like he was being paid to be there (I think he might be their 1st date guy, because he was cute). The 2nd date with with a short, bald, divorced man, the age of my father (I had specifically told them NO to all of these qualities). After, I put my membership on hold, because it was going so poorly.

After a year, I wanted to take it off hold and use it up (since I paid for it). I called IJL and they informed me that my membership had expired. I asked why I never received notice or a phone call to that effect, and they said they don't do that. I requested that they reinstate my membership and they HUNG UP ON ME.

If you're reading this, you might assume I'm an ugly, uninteresting person, and you'll be different. NOT TRUE. I thought that too when I read reviews, before signing up (about other people/bad reviews). On the contrary I am a 25 year old, pretty, slim, attorney - I'm just saying. If you think the bad reviews are only from un-datable people, think again.
Comment #21 from ijltoldmehewasdivorced (Guest)
2009 Aug 21 - 1:36 pm : #
It's Just Lunch (IJL) in Atlanta proposed a match for me, told me he was divorced and described him. Our first date was June 27, 2008. Long story short, I just obtained a copy of his divorce decree from Cobb County, GA Superior Court (issued last week, by the way!) . It shows that he was NOT divorced at all the entire time we dated. He was separated on or about January 22, 2008. His first date with me -- at which he and IJL represented him to me as a divorced man -- was June 27, 2008. The divorce decree shows that he filed for divorce July 21, 2008, and that his divorce was final ABOUT A WEEK AGO: August 14, 2009. He told me that he had dated other women IJL set him up with before he met me, too. For more information see . The positive thing I learned from this experience is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to check the court records and background of anyone you meet -- so why pay IJL?
Comment #22 from Waahapnd (Guest)
2009 Oct 26 - 10:40 pm : #
Sorry all. Hate to hear bad experiences. It's a shame really, that there aren't more nicer comments made about IJL. I have had nothing but a great experience. I suppose, it is like anything else. When you feel that you have been wronged, you will probably do whatever you can to right the ship. Conversely, our society rarely comments about the good that goes on in their daily life interactions w/ business, family, other, etc.

A Company does not have growth success, if it isn't successful in acheiving it's results. It's model, yes is membership. So, word of mouth, must play a part in it's success. I'm assuming then, that there must be some very pleased members.

To those cosidering joining, I would ask the IJL representive how many male and/ or female members, and if you can get it, an age grouping to that gender category. You will have a better idea of the pool of candidates that they can offer you. Good luck!
Comment #23 from ijltoldmehewasdivorced (Guest)
2009 Nov 11 - 12:20 am : #
Hi Everyone, I've moved information about my experience with IJL to a new location -- . Also will be including great information on alternatives to matchmaking services, as well as how I figured out that IJL had matched me with a guy who was not divorced -- contrary to what they, and he, told me.
Comment #24 from Denny (Guest)
2009 Nov 24 - 12:55 pm : #
I think someone needs to stop this scam. I too was set up with someone I was told was divorced and was not. They certainly do not set you up with your profile requirements- in fact- your profile is only a "parameter" for them- and therefore- toss you out on dates to fill their quota. Too bad- the concept it great- but in the end- just another company screwing their customers.
Comment #25 from V Rod (Guest)
2010 Jan 21 - 6:16 pm : #
For the amount of money it's not worth it. Worse Service Ever!!!
If your are thinking about it, don't do it. If you are already fooled cancel it. It'll save you a headache in the long run. The explanation of the terms and what it actually say on their contract are not even close. "On hold" only means that you still pay them for the service that you do not receive, even at the initial term. You might as well go out on the street and throw money in the air and you'll meet nicer people. Afterall, the most dates you'll get with this service is 2 per month even though they say they have "100's" available for you.
Don't do it! there are better ways to meet people for less money!
Comment #26 from Alex (Guest)
2010 Feb 13 - 2:41 pm : #
I recently caught my boyfriend of 18 months on a "IJL" date. This was in Chicago, Illinois.
I let IJL know and even sent them a copy of the email he sent to me that very day and how he was "going to his grandmother's nursing home" and to meet him later in the evening and how he "loved" me. What did IJL do? Set him up with more dates.
I understand that IJL was not privy to the fact he had a girlfriend. There are reasons they shouldn't have taken him on as a client (and reflects I should have dropped him as a boyfriend). But you'd think after IJL finds out abut this guy and the fact that he is such an alcoholic that he can not even set foot at Ralph Lauren (because of a drunk incident there without the help of anyone but himself) that they would drop him - instead they are setting up up with women left and right. I was told that IJL is short on men - so they will take about anyone. But - for the women out there thinking about trying the program - ask yourself who they really are helping by introducing you to guys like this despite knowing his current life?
Again, for me good riddance. But to the other optimistic women out there - just be careful. There is no need for us to pay $125 to go out with someone. IJL knows nothing about someone besides the fact that they have a business card and we can do that on our own. They do no credit checks or anything. So, they are no less in the dark than we are when we meet a guy in a grocery store!
Keep your money! Try a different service - or just ask your friends to set you up. IJL is NO GOOD!
Comment #27 from Charlene (Guest)
2010 Feb 15 - 11:44 pm : #

My name is Charlene Collazo and I am a freelance reporter for the South Florida News Service which works with all three major South Florida newspapers (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach). I am currently working on a story on in-person dating services and It's Just Lunch seems to be the only franchise and one of the fewest in-person dating services in South Florida. I am looking for sources to help me with my story to talk about their experiences and if they liked it or not. My email is and any info and quotes would help tremendously. I'm looking for people who used the services in the South Florida area only.

Thank you all!
- Charlene
Comment #28 from Amanda (Guest)
2010 Mar 10 - 6:43 pm : #
Ladies, beware. There is a lack of male members - to the extreme. My friend David stated that he could have dated almost every night of the week - on the other hand, the women he dated complained that they were lucky if they got one date a month. Best of luck.
Comment #29 from Donna Marie (Guest)
2010 Apr 9 - 3:43 pm : #
Wow, I wish I would have read this before I signed up

I signed up with the Cleveland IJL back in 2006 and finished my 1 year contract this past February 2010. Yes, it's taken over 3 years and they never found a match for me even though they claimed that "this is the one".
The person setting up the date builds up this perfect guy only to have you introduced to a person that is nowhere close to the description you were given. What a waste of time.

FYI: The reason I was able to prolong my contract: I put my account on "hold" for a few months in between a date or two (you were given 14 dates or 1 year membership).

I have been trying to get a story to radio stations and TV news, but it seems that they would rather get the billing for advertising this dating service instead of warning men and women of this business.

I noticed that some of you are looking for a "free" dating web site. My best friend found her husband through I haven't had luck yet, but I am hopeful. Good luck in your search!
Comment #30 from Teresa2 (Guest)
2010 Apr 25 - 11:46 pm : #
I had an EXCELLENT experience with It's Just Lunch in Fort Lauderdale and met my now live-in boyfriend through them and we JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!:) I feel they did a nice job matching me because the dates before my boyfriend were all nice interesting men but we did not click as well. Dating is a numbers game and It's Just Lunch did provide me nice matches before me and Dan clicked!

My dating director was super nice and really listened to what I wanted. They nailed it and I am soooo happy. At the time, was super busy and did not have time to meet men and they coordinated my schedule well!

Some people I see have had a bad experience with them because they probally are expecting the bachelor or bachlerette when they sign up and are not all that and a gold trophy knock out themselves. You can't just but your perfect dream girl or dream man. Again, It is a numbers game but It's Just Lunch helps a ton in doing all the initial work so I had to do was show up.

Comment #31 from ASLOWM3Victim (Guest)
2010 May 5 - 8:25 pm : #
Thankfully I did not pay the ridiculous fees involved with this scam of a service, however I discovered that my boyfriend that I live with is a member of Its Just Lunch and has been going on 1 to 2 dates per month the entire length of our relationship. I called IJL to tell them we live together and that he is in what I thought was a serious relationship. They told me they were going to cancel his membership as when he signed their agreement, he was agreeing he was single. Now, a month later he is going on more dates. We are in a lease together for another year and he refuses to leave. He can not be on our lease by himself due to his credit situation so they will not take me off the lease. He coursed me into working things out after the first issue and I trusted him. It is my fault that I am in the situation that I am in, but I want the world to know that IJL is introducing men that they clearly know are in relationships to their other clients. I have read other horror stories from women who were introduced to married men. Great way to start something new. Beware IJL members!!
Comment #32 from andrea (Guest)
2010 May 23 - 3:55 pm : #
OMIGOD my mom signed me up. I'm so pissed at these assholes. Had my first date today. The guy was disabled. Horrible!! I called today to tell her I want my money back, did research and WOW. I'm livid right now. They have my mom's money. And now I'm fucked. Lets all get together and file a class action law suit. Contact me.
Comment #33 from Annonymous (Guest)
2010 Jun 16 - 4:55 pm : #
Everyone please READ THIS BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! I currently work for IJL and I HATE it! It is the biggest scam Ive ever seen. First off they will take anyone that has the money, even if they aren't "professional". Put it on a credit card or five, they don't care if you even have a job! They take people that they knowingly cannot match simply to get their money and there are NO REFUNDS, EVER! Plus they treat their workers like crap! They make us lie, manipulate and basically steal to get what they want. $$$. This is a nightmare. I took the job because I thought I would help people and it would be fun. NO WAY! Trust me when I say that if the BBB knew all the lies this place would have to be shut down. They even make us take people engaged or married or living hundreds of miles away from our office. There aren't enough words to say how awful this place is. I would rather risk meeting someone at a bar or the freakin gas station, its safer honestly. Oh and THERE ARE NO BACKGROUND CHECKS, no checks of any kind, ie the guy you're at lunch with may have a long criminal record or may be married or even on probation. BEWARE of IJL and goodluck.
Comment #34 from Linda Mall (Guest)
2010 Aug 28 - 1:59 pm : #
I am beyond disappointed with IJL. I realize chemistry is a strange animal that cannot be predicted. But I am only being matched up with people because they are in my age range. There has been no throught put into whether I had ANYTHING in common with these men. One guy told me he had been on about 60 dates with IJL! None of the qualities I was looking for has been apparent in my so called "matches." I have complained in a nice and constructive manner, but feel it all falls on deaf ears. The staff has changed completely at least twice in the few months I was a member. I would do anything to get my money back, it was a complete waste and has made me so gun shy about any kind of fix-up, as it's been a miserable experience.

Don't join the IJL in Cincinnati!
Comment #35 from Beth (Guest)
2010 Aug 30 - 10:05 am : #
I want to add my voice to the list of complaints about It's Just Lunch. I joined in 2008 through the Greenville, SC franchise which has subsequently been closed and is now being managed by the same Florida folks mentioned in others' complaints. Same old story: Few dates with highly incompatible gentlemen, lack of response from IJL personnel, refusal to provide a prorated refund despite the "contract". My advice: Professional Singles Beware! Save and invest your hard-earned money! You will do better looking for a relationship on your own. You might even try the old-fashioned idea of telling all your family and friends that you are open to new relationship possibilities and trust their judgment in setting you up. I am going to contact the attorney mentioned in the class action lawsuit, and I'd advise others to do the same.
Comment #36 from Jill (Guest)
2010 Sep 10 - 6:58 pm : #
Has anyone managed to be successful in their lawsuit or small claims court, I believe that is where I am headed in order to get a refund for all the lies they told me.
Comment #37 from displeased (Guest)
2010 Nov 26 - 12:25 am : #
I joined IJL in April of 2009. In 6 months, I had only been matched with 3 dates, and the staff members were not answering or returning my phone calls. I called the "main office" in California, and no one ever returned those calls either. When I could not get email or phone responses, I ended up sending an email to cancel my membership, so that it would be documented, as I was wanted to cancel my membership for 3 months prior to that. I continued to get monthly fees and no dates after the cancellation email. I used a credit card to pay the monthly fees, so when no one from IJL answered my attempts to reach them, I contacted my credit card company. The credit card company was able to refund 3 months worth of charges, but the nothing beyond 90 days. That was the card's policy. Once my credit card company was involved, I began getting phone calls from IJL management. They told me that I was not entitled to a refund for the months that they did not meet their contractual agreement, and that they would just have me go on additional dates. My experience with the dates is the same as previous reviewers have noted. Dates with people who had desires that I specifically stated I would not want to date. I told them that I was not satisfied and wanted a refund, but the manager refused and refused to allow me to speak to anyone above her. In total, I was out $300, a lot less than some others, but only because I got my credit card company involved, so I recommend that. About 4 months ago, which was about 4 months short of a year after I cancelled my membership in writing, I got a call from and IJL rep who was attempting to get me to go on another date. I told her that I had cancelled my membership 8 months ago (no one called in that time period before the day I am speaking of) and had not interest in going on any other IJL dates. She sent me an email the same day stating that she was placing my membership on hold. I responded that as I had told her on the phone, I cancelled my membership and did not want to go on any other dates. I never received anymore correspondence from IJL... until 2 days ago. In an interesting twist of fate, I received a check in the mail for $200 from IJL two days ago. It says "refund" as the reason on the check stub. I am wondering what prompted this check to be sent to me now. Is there a class action law suit pending that they are trying to minimize by refunding people over a year later?
Comment #38 from Mona (Guest)
2010 Nov 29 - 5:50 am : #
I just called by a representative of It's Just Lunch. There'll be an interview over skype. You said that there's an interview fee cost (200 USD). So, it means that if I go on with the interview later, then they will charge me? I had better not take the interview then. Thanks for the info.

Yes, seems that you're on to something. Can't wait!
Comment #39 from Kim (Guest)
2010 Dec 4 - 11:10 pm : #
Oh my goodness. This is all so disappointing. I just signed up in July. I was very excited about this program but I lost my job and I didn't want to spend gas money driving back and forth to expensive downtown restaurants and paying ridiculous valet and parking fees while slowly draining my savings account. In three months, I was only matched up with two guys (which didn't really bother me, I figured I'd make up the other dates later on). Besides, the two guys were pretty cool--just no chemistry. Any way, I'm on hold right now and reading all these reviews is terrifying. Did I just throw my money away? At the time, I justified the expense by comparing the experience to my summer vacation. I spent well over 3,000 on my summer vacation and that lasted only one week. This costs 1,900 and it would last a whole year. I figured I would do this instead of vacationing next summer (silly, huh?) Anyway, I appreciate all of these reviews and it's too late to get my money back, but when I start dating again I plan on going in to the office and making my needs clear and reintroducing myself to these people. It's true what people are saying: The person you interview with is not the person who matches you, and that's not fair. Good luck to you all. I will definitely be back this summer to report my experiences.
Comment #40 from Missy (Guest)
2010 Dec 26 - 4:57 pm : #
I joined IJL in July and have been trying for the last 5 months to get a refund. My experience with them echo all of the negative things that I have been reading. IN 6 months I've had 3 dates, none of which met my criteria and when I can get someone to either pick up the phone when I call or to call me back, when I bring up the subject of wanting a refund mostly due to their lack of poor customer service and business practices, they suddenly have a date set up for me which usually has something come up at the last minute and cancels. Which means there were really no dates scheduled and that was just a way to get me off of the subject of a full refund. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and my credit card company but there was nothing they could do to get my money back. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit or has any idea of a way that this can be brought to a public forum who will take notice count me in. We all deserve a refund from these scammers plus they need to be put out of business. I BET THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE THEM!!! If we all work together there has got to be something we can do to bring restitution. I left them a message a few weeks ago ( and haven't heard anything back) that if they didn't get on the ball, they still owe me 5 more dates in the next 6 months, according to the "contract" that I signed, that they would be in breach of contract, and would owe me damages, etc. LET'S ALL WORK TOGETHER AND GET OUR MONEY BACK AND PUT IJL OUT OF BUSINESS!!
Comment #41 from figgy (Guest)
2010 Dec 28 - 12:50 am : #
Have been sitting on the fence re joining IJL in Toronto, and really trying to decide in the next few days (New Year's resolutions etc). Surely there must be more positive experiences? Resultant marriages?
After all, this thread is now over five years old (!) and they're still around.

(btw, if anyone's interested in a nice professional family oriented thirty something male of south asian
Comment #42 from MT (Guest)
2011 Jan 28 - 6:30 pm : #
I joined IJL in Seattle/Bellevue WA in ~2005-06. I was told at time of sign up that "they wouldn't even take my money unless they had 6 matches for me right now." She said she had more than that amount ready for me to meet. Wow, I thought I was going to have quite the social whirl in the next few months. I didn't get set up for a few weeks. In 6 months I had 3 dates. One of them wasn't a bad match - I would have gone out with him again but he met someone else. One was still married with 3 small children and lived on an island with boat access only. The other was an aging hippie living on a commune who wanted a wife to live on the commune with him. One would think that was an important detail that was overlooked when setting him up with me. I'm a single professional who owns my own home and definitely not the commune type. But the main issue is that they lied from the beginning and have continued to lie. I don't know how the employees sleep at night. My guess is that they had hardly any men in their database. One of the men I met said he had 2-3 dates per week and that he was certain there were few men and stated they also didn't match people at all. But for him it worked because he was a guy. For me, they misrepresented the volume of dates from the get-go. I stopped participated as it was clear my year would be up way before I'd get to 14 dates. After all, I had just 3 dates in 6 months. Ironically, they keep calling me - even 5-6 years later even though I've asked them repeatedly to take me out of their database. They call my cell phone early in the morning - in fact, just called me today with another offer. I again asked them to take my number out of my system. The company has bad business practices and no integrity. They are dishonest about their clientele. I didn't expect to meet a husband, but I did expect to have the number of dates they promised and that I paid for. They simply can't deliver. While $1800 is a lot of money - it's not really about that, it's about the dishonesty.
Comment #43 from MrRight (Guest)
2011 Feb 23 - 5:16 pm : #
wanted to write a review because this is a case of a general attitude of people to vocalize only when they are dissatisfied and I am generally delighted with the IJL experience.

I can start by telling you why IJL is perfect for me:

I just do not have the time to deal with the mathematics of time of and other sites, basically you need to send hundreds of emails to get a few responses and then need to communicate with these people several email before you see them. Once you see them, most times, they are not (either physically, life accomplishments, etc) what they advertised to be so it is a lot of work for small yields (yields defined as meeting people). IJL is straight forward and their contract assures you a number of dates a month.

I just cannot afford to have a girl that works for my company or a client to find a picture of me smiling from a sunset and saying that I like long walks on the beach, to later be sent to all my colleagues/peers.

Although I am an Executive for a fortune 500 company, have 2 masters degrees, my friends describe me as good looking, I have a very athletic slender body and are very sociable and have the ability to make friends, I am only 5’7”. Which means that I am left out of 99% of searches and filters on most online sites, turns out, girls prefer an out-of-work, moderately obese, unmotivated average looking guy who is 5’9” and willing to tell a few “white” lies on a dating profile over me, or do they? At least that is what their search criteria says. IJL is able to match people more on their own scale (whatever that is).

The logistics of dating are a brand new concept for me, I either need a full time coach or have somebody like IJL arrange the meetings/times with sensitivity, it is like having a dating secretary!

Now to the experience, over a one month and a half period IJL has matched me with 5 ladies, and although I am not necessarily attracted to every single one of them I can tell you that these girls are top notch in their own way. They are all fit, incredibly accomplished, educated and the list goes on. Why am I not attracted to all of them? That is the problem that it is not IJL’s fault.

Some very accomplished, good looking Gal or Guy willing to shell thousands to meet people is looking for something that does not exist! (including myself), It is not IJL’s fault that all these girls will not “settle” for anything less than a guy that looks like Ashton Kutcher, is a Harvard Lawyer, has 40 mil in the bank and is currently on a mission to cure AIDS in Africa! All IJL is doing is matching two people who in everybody else’s eyes are at a comparable rating or close. If some guy/girl is say a 5 and will not settle for anything less than a 10, no dating service is going to convince a 10 to date a 5, especially if he/she is shelling out a lot of cash.

And yes, the people of IJL are extremely busy, hard to get a hold of and will not return calls unless they are about logistics of your dates. They are not therapists; they do not get into why somebody does not like you, etc. They are a referral service, not a life coaching service.
So if you want somebody who is completely out of your leage, IJL is not going to make it happen. If you are real about meeting people with YOUR criteria and are serious about giving them a chance, gather some cash and give them a chance.
Comment #44 from mark67rocher (Guest)
2011 Apr 1 - 12:30 am : #
Love this! Great article, love your blog!
Comment #45 from JB in CA (Guest)
2011 Apr 23 - 5:07 pm : #
Its Just Lunch matched me up with a woman that was a very bad match for my requested profile. I called them the next day and stated that XXXXX was not even close to what I was looking for. I even asked, "Why did you set me up with her!" Before they could answer I stated - THANK YOU!! In that encounter I realized that I was searching for the wrong woman. A year later we married and have had 5 wonderful years together.

My thoughts are:
1. Be open to new experiences
2.Seperately, I think it is clear why some of you that are complaining did not find a match.
Comment #46 from eli (Guest)
2011 Apr 24 - 10:32 am : #
Every time I hear one of IJL's ads on the radio, I want to yell "lie, lie, lie." To say that there's a disconnect between what IJL promises and what they deliver is a total and complete understatement. Start with the fact that they don't tell you when signing up that "no one wants to have lunch," so your dates will be in the evening. The whole attraction of IJL for me was that lunch was a limited time period, and you could enjoy meeting different people without making a huge time commitment. Then, if it "clicked," you could get together at other times. Well, that never happened, and every date I had was after work. Then, of course, comes all of the representations about how careful IJL is in matching you with the perfect mate. Baloney!! My dog could have matched me up better with someone I'd be interested in. It's almost as if they reduced my many interests in a potential mate to someone who was "male and breathing." Otherwise, there was no indication that they spent any time coming up with good matches. So, after six frustrating dates, I called it quits. I should have demanded my money back, but wanted out so badly that I let IJL keep it. Suffice it to say that I wholeheartedly recommend spending your money on anything other than IJL.
Comment #47 from Dee (Guest)
2011 May 19 - 8:26 pm : #
I signed up with ITL in March, and have specified what type of men I am looking for. much as others, I don't have the time. I am 5'5 and 135 , curvy . 36 professional. I had spent over 2k for signing up with ITL. So far, I have had 2 dates, got another one coming up. Just starting to wonder if ITL is a scam, because all both dates seem very interested, text me the same nite, but the next day or two, when I texted back, no more responses.

Just seemed fishy.. what should I do? The ITL i signed up is in Toronto, #8 King St. Downtown.
Can anyone tell me if they had any similar experiences in ITL Toronto? I can be reached via msn:
Comment #48 from jmd2467 (Guest)
2011 Jun 15 - 1:06 am : #
PLEASE beleive all of these complaints. they are true and accurate. This "business" is a completee scam. Their customer service skills are non-existent. The staff is so rude and insulting (after, of course, you give them your money). I also find it interesting that everytime I call there is a completely different roster of employees. apparently no can stand to work there either. I truly regret joining. it is a complete waste of time (and money). DONT DO IT! Im seriously considering sueing them for breach of contract.
Comment #49 from Simon (Guest)
2011 Jun 25 - 2:19 am : #
Sounded great, and I'd totally pay $100 per introduction to meet high quality women.

However, the fact that their office door is locked, the founder's name is mysteriously not included on the website, and I couldn't meet anyone when I dropped by their office to "check out the operation and ask some presales questions," is enough information for me.

They have a locked door to their office, and were freaked out when I pleasantly stuck my head in after a meeting a few blocks away, for one reason — because they need security to keep angry customers away when they refuse a refund.

I don't want to give my money to people who have no integrity.

Their contract says "no refunds". They also charged my credit card before I signed their agreement, thankfully, which allows me to get a chargeback.

I had hoped that it was just a few bad franchisees, but nobody would buy an IJL franchise — given how disreputable it is — unless they were slimy as well.
Comment #50 from Mary Glen (Guest)
2011 Jul 8 - 11:48 am : #
I have had only 2 dates in 6 months! Never a personal interview. My credit card AMEX is of no help and not sure if I can go after them in small claims court. Anyone have a suggestion on how to recoup the money.
Comment #51 from Greg M (Guest)
2011 Jul 18 - 11:29 pm : #
I just walked away after 3 months. I am still a competitive athlete at 56 (bicycle racing, masters division) thus a very active lifestyle, and I kept getting matched with sedentary couch potato types. And each successive date was progressively worse, as if the staff was going in the opposite direction of my feedback.

BTW, the particular franchise is in Minneapolis, MN.

Another place to stay away from is Together. I got all sorts of hell for having an "abnormal" lifestyle for my age. Staying fit at 56 is abnormal. Riiiight!
Comment #52 from dee (Guest)
2011 Jul 23 - 6:30 pm : #
just an update as follow up to my May comment, don't think its a scam, so far, cus had a chance got to know my date, it was real. So if you are positive person, have right attitue, ITL could be a way to speed things up for you
Comment #53 from Its Just Lunch DC (Guest)
2011 Aug 12 - 1:45 pm : #
Due to the highly confidential nature of our service it is challenging to respond to reviews. Please watch this video containing our Social Media Policy We thank you!

It's Just Lunch Metro DC Staff & MGMT
Comment #54 from Derek L (Guest)
2011 Aug 31 - 1:12 pm : #
They have no mention of price at all on their website, I honestly had no idea it would cost so much for their service! 1500/year is insane!

For those who are single in Toronto, please check out my new matchmaking service at It's MUCH better than IJL I promise! We're all about the customer experience. And its just $30 for men, $20 for women, and includes food and drinks already!

Please check out my site, we are 1000x better than IJL!

Derek Lau
Endless Orange Matchmaking
Toronto, ON, Canada
Comment #55 from Lilie (Guest)
2011 Oct 8 - 1:20 am : #
I joined ITL in Orange county California in May 2011, reading all the reviews, I know, I got doubly ripped off. $3000.00 to join for a year!!! When I went for the interview I was told about three matches that were already available. So far I had 4 dates, that went from bad to worst!! only one was half OK and he didn't seem to want anything serious.
By far worst experience I had was dealing with the date coordinator, who lives in Florida! Never returns phone calls, or emails.
If anyone is taking this company to court, please contact me at Also has anyone else paid this much for a year?
Comment #56 from Dragon (Guest)
2011 Dec 12 - 1:15 am : #
wow... I got a call a couple of nights ago from IJL - I figure they must be desperate for new members (suckers). I had phoned them 5 years ago and decided at that time it wasn't for me. This call was a follow up to see if I was still looking. We talked for a bit and I asked about cost - $3,000!!!!! but this was a special for 18 months instead of 12! Sorry - still not for me, especially after reading through the above. I tried Lifemates 3 years ago and my experience there was as much a farce as the people who have had bad experiences with IJL. it appears that if you are isngle and don't want to hook up at bars that these people think you are an easy mark - and apparently I was when I tried Lifemates - I sure as hell am not going to give my money away again unless it is to a good charity...
Comment #57 from Swimmergirl (Guest)
2012 Jan 9 - 8:33 pm : #
IJL Austin, Texas is an unbelievably unprofessional service with unethical business practices.

1. IJL does not match you with dates who meet your specific criteria. They match you with anyone of the opposite gender that meets your age requirement, but not the specific criteria you have for meeting a mate. I repeatedly told my coordinator what I was looking for, and I was constantly set up with men who did not meet my personality criteria.
2. Because they are short on quality male members, IJL offers discounts to existing male clients to extend or re-activate their enrollment while continuing to charge women full price ($1,800 year).
3. IJL accesses county divorce records and solicits newly divorced men for membership because they don't have enough quality potential male members who wish to participate in the service.
4. The quality of men is no better than you find on online dating sites or in the bars. Some of the men are decent, but others are unbelievably rude, unsophisticated, and even unemployed (ironic for a dating service for professional people). My first date was with an unemployed man who was sleeping on his buddy's couch until he could find a job. This man was a long-term client of IJL because they continued to give him a greatly discounted membership to continue with the service.
5. IJL offers no refunds because they know they don't offer a quality service. If they were truly exceptional at matching people, they would stand behind their product like many of the elite match-makers found in NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.

In short, this is not an elite match-making service. It's an over-priced below-average service that does not deliver what it promises. IJL lacks a true understanding of the psychology of dating, fail-proof tricks of the dating trade to match compatible people, and the sophistication of a legitimate match-making service to attract quality members.

Ladies (and gentlemen), please don't waste your time or your money. You will live to regret it.
Comment #58 from Gina0817 (Guest)
2012 Jan 24 - 10:39 pm : #
Swimmergirl: I'm in Austin too and am suing IJL! Will you email me? I'd love to swap stories and see if we can get our money back. I'll do all the leg work! :) They got $2700 out of me :(
Comment #59 from Bailey (Guest)
2012 Mar 18 - 12:58 am : #
I joined recently and very quickly got a bad vibe.
The person I signed up with over the phone said most clients pay $4,000/
Year and that I was getting a special valentines rate of 2,500
From reading this blog - clearly they scammed me for higher than what most
pay.... Notice how the never tell us their last names just first initial.

What really bothers me is they know my credit card number / the security digits from the back/ my drivers License number and they took a photo of me
Just waiting for my identity to get ripped off next
Comment #60 from Claudia (Guest)
2012 May 22 - 8:31 pm : #
I used the NY dating service IJL in the Fall of 2011 and into the beginning of 2012. If you are
considering this "matchmaking" service, save your money. Like me, you may be thinking that you want to meet quality people,unlike people you have met through the internet.Believe me,your matches through IJL for over $300 per date, will not be any.better than if you had arranged them youreself. One date was nit-picking the wine menu with a waiter, the next was totally disinterested in being on a date, and the 3rd and last date asked me for my phone number and never called. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!
Comment #61 from paula (Guest)
2012 Jun 7 - 12:12 pm : #
omg I'm from Ireland and feel such a fool I have the same complaints as most of you above there must be some way of shutting this place down.
Comment #62 from Karma (Guest)
2012 Oct 4 - 6:15 pm : #
Wow I must say when I first googled finding single men in Toronto Canada and came across IJL I called almost right away expecting it to cost a few hundred but they quoted a 'PROMOTION' till Oct 31 at $500 OFF Bringing the price down from $2,300 to $1,800 PLUS HST!!!! And that was without them saying anything about the $200 interview fee which makes sense cause the girl i talked to asked very random easy questions and Wouldnt even do the short over the phone interview until i made a payment... that was my first clue...!!!

I'm a single mom tired of asking the now 'age old' question ... 'Where do I meet quality single men who aren't creeps?' !!!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear all these horror stories but would like to say THANK YOU ALL for your comments and reviews cause now I won't get scammed or always wonder 'what if...'
Comment #63 from I worked there (Guest)
2012 Nov 12 - 6:35 pm : #
I worked at It's Just Lunch (Houston location) and this company is ran by unscrupulous individuals who pride themselves on duplicity and subterfuge. The same tricks that are used on clients are essentially used on employees, hence the extraordinary high turnover rate with the exception of the the most dubious one, the regional director.

The abuse that you encounter from a franchise owner who promotes chaos, noise, and disorder, along with no benefits, long work hours, no job security, pressure to make quota, minimum compensation, is enough to drive anyone to quit and find better.

The irony is that if the company was ran right there would be higher customer satisfaction, more joins, and less turnover. However "management" is stubborn, blind, unprofessional, uneducated, with the business acumen of a 7 year old. They blatantly lie, and encourage you to lie to get a decent paycheck, and therefore deserves to be sued.

I enjoyed working with my clients, getting to know them and setting them up with successful matches, however I was reprimanded and told not to do so, and that doing so is not the IJL way. IJL would like you to rush through all calls, not listen during in feedback, because in essence you "work in matchmaking" but are not a matchmaker.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you, a company that functions like this should not exist in any civilized society and I support your decisions to sue. We had drawers filled with pending lawsuit, it's better to join together in a class action lawsuit.

All the Best!

Comment #64 from Dave L (Guest)
2012 Nov 26 - 1:08 pm : #
IJL is a scam. Take it from me, take your money and go to a Casino. More enjoyment at a Casino.
Comment #65 from Real (Guest)
2013 Jan 19 - 9:39 am : #
Comment #66 from salim (Guest)
2013 Jan 24 - 1:14 pm : #
Wanted a widow in her 40čs in Toronto - ha ha ha
I am so sorry and hurt by your tearful, sad, ponzy scheme by which this company Itčs Just Lunch has taken your hard earned money.

I suggest, someone, like an attorney, honest in himself, take all the cases in his hand and fight for your valuable money.

My name is on their data base so I get on and off calls with beautiful voice when I am ready to date a lovely girl. Just two days ago, I got a call from them.

Thank you, thank you and thank you to you all for posting your tearful stories and sadness that this company took all your hard earned money.

Now, I will call them that please take my name of off their data bases. I dončt want to do any thing with them.

In the end, I wish that this does not happens to any one else out there.

Good luck fellals and fellies.


Comment #67 from Tarek (Guest)
2013 Jan 26 - 12:05 pm : #

I don't believe you. I don't know ONE pretty & slim 25 year old woman who doesn't have 20 men chasing her at any given time and would ever need to use a singles service. I have been to singles events and the vast majority of women are extremely short short (4'11-5'1), unattractive and usually chubby or flat out borderline obese.
Comment #68 from Hate IJL VANCOUVER BC (Guest)
2013 Jan 27 - 12:26 am : #
Now I'm not sure if this company is still around since I stopped using them last year as they ripped my off for $3,600. But I've noticed they no longer advertise in the Georgia Straight - probably for good reason.

I see my last comment has disappeared off this site so just to make sure people are simple word is you consider 'It's Just Lunch' just say NO.

Total rip-off. SCAM. And quite frankly the biggest mistake I have ever made. They are scam artists and full of sheeeeeeeeeeeet.

Move on. Sign up for eHarmony. Call them, they'll give you a great deal of $9.95 per month!

Better that $3,600 for 6 dates that aren't even available or married or just too old.
Comment #69 from kathy (Guest)
2013 Feb 23 - 7:43 pm : #
I completely agree that Its just lunch a business that profits from misrepresentation. I noticed that the only time they contact you to set up a date is after your credit card had been charge for the monthly fee. Every person I was matched with stated " who protofilo are they going by" I was not what they wanted and same for me. They match you up with anyone. Their employee lied about location of meeting 1.5 hours for each other with stories told to each of us that was location of jobs.

What I want to know is were is a lawyer that would be willing to take on a class action law suit against Its just lunch for the fraud that they are. A recent suit against was won for misrepresenting the number of members. IJL is the same for a lot more money.

Any takers in joining is such a suit, plus we need a lawyer with class action experience.
Comment #70 from victim2913 (Guest)
2013 Mar 4 - 10:23 am : #
It’s Just lunch (IJL) Singapore - A PROFESSIONAL SCAM in SINGAPORE. DO NOT join this service.

I recently closed my case with ‘It’s just lunch’ Singapore (IJL) at the Singapore Subordinate Court. So I just want to share my experience with anyone who might have the intention to join this service; this is my warning to you: DO NOT TRUST THEM AND AVOID THEM IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE TROUBLE AND A NIGHTMARE DATING EXPERIENCE - see my case below.

I joined IJL in Nov 2012, paid the full amount of $2,568 for a one year contract with 14 dates. Actually I did not really want to join this service after my face to face meeting with one of their consultants due to so many complaints I found on the internet, however she kept calling to hunt and recruit me. When I raised my concerns regarding my doubts she gave me such confidence and assured me that their database had more than enough suitable matches for my requirements. Moreover she confirmed firmly all of the men on their database were serious about relationships and nice gentlemen. If they are just looking for fun or not qualified they will not take them in as a member and they do verify their profile if they are found out to be lying! She insisted to offer me help and promised to find a match for my specific requirements. I was convinced by her sweet words and after meeting her at least after 2 times in person. She just knew how to play on a woman’s psychology so well, her face just looked so sympathetic, trustworthy and she seemed to be a professional match marker. But that trust lead me to the most foolish mistake that I ever made and from there my nightmare dating started.

I went through two dates that were arranged by them and both turned out to be ridiculous, lousy and ‘waste of time’ dates! The first man came late without informing me; disappointedly he had nothing in common with me. Likely IJL just picked up any random man who was available to date with me! There was no follow up calls from IJL after my date at all. I had to call them and left my name but they did not bother to call me back. This means they just hunt you when you are not yet a member but when you are a paid member they do not care for you because you are just totally in their entrapment!

My second date was a nightmare date. The man did not turn up until I called him. He said he was on bed and not informed of the date with me from IJL that particular day. He turned up 45 minutes late in a scruffy T-shirt. He then told me he is just looking for fun! He was not interested with the service any more but he was rejected for a refund from IJL. He did request that they do not arrange anymore dates for him but the staff of IJL still kept calling to insist that he turn up for some random dates! I am sure if you were in my shoes at that time and heard those words, you would understand how bad I felt. I had to pay a big amount for this service only to be arranged to meet a man looking for fun! It also strongly proves that this company is really unprofessional and unreliable. They do not consider the clients requests. They did not take note of my feedback from my first date, to please arrange a proper 2nd date for me. The fact is they do not have enough suitable men for all their female members, so they just try their best to find any man to show up for a date to fill in the numbers for the contract regardless of matches. Their consultants know nothing about match making, they don’t have enough experience about matching and they are just working like sales persons trying to trap as many clients as they can and earn their commission.

It took sometime to bring my case to the Small Claim Tribunal which was found inconclusive, after that I was determined to bring them to the Singapore Subordinate Court. At the court, I called them a professional scam, and when they tried to defend themselves; they said “the behavior of male members is out of their control”. Meaning if a man comes late or does not show up, or is looking for fun or bad behavior they can’t control it! That also means that we are as paid members to have to carry this risk with their service. If you are lucky enough to meet nice guy or you are in bad luck, you may have a bad date like a man that never shows up or late or misbehaves! These risks are not their fault their problem and not their obligation as a professional match making agent. This is adsolutey not an acceptable answer!

Only when I asked in front of the Judge “ so why at the consulting meeting, did the consultant not tell me the truth that I have to take risks when I joined the service and be frank with me by telling me that my date might be late or not turn up or might be looking for fun! Instead she just convinced me that all her clients were nice gentlemen, serious and qualified! They shut up after this comment and the Judge allowed me to claim back a portion of my original investment.

I did a bit of digging around on the net and found many women - just like myself (in Singapore, Thailand, and USA) - who had been ripped off by IJL. I was one of the lucky ones as I got part of my money back, but many more didn't and the company is still operating to this day. There will be a big outcry about this company before long and I want to warn everyone not to get involved with them because if you do, you stand to lose a lot of money only to get back trouble and grief. I knew some other woman like me where the date did not turn and no calls from IJL for a few months, or even they arranged non suitable men for dates. So to all ladies who are thinking of joining this company, I honestly tell u don’t waste your hard earned money and your time in this scam. You can use that money for travel or donate it to charity, which is better than supporting this kind of nasty service existing.
Finally, As an ex paid member of IJL in Singapore, and on behalf of all members who were victims of this nasty service I would like to “ thank” the owner who established this lousy service. She did a very good job in creating a very professional scam dating agency! Spend some of your time and search how many complaints are pertaining to your company online!

Comment #71 from Angela (Guest)
2013 Mar 16 - 7:45 am : #
OMG! I wish I would have read all these complaint blogs before i signed up....It's just lunch is a total joke and rip off scam. Anyone that reads any of these comments and complaints and still signs up is insane! The company sucks!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #72 from Informed (Guest)
2013 May 8 - 1:21 am : #
Guys and women,

Amost everybody seems to be scammed by this company. Why then are they in business and why are so many people out of money.... your voice matters. Do file complaints and get a refund. A few years ago plenty of people got refunds because they complained. Goodluck.

Your best bet in seeking a refund is probably the New York Attorney General’s office.

Don’t worry… They are familiar with It’s Just Lunch, who they sued in 2007. See:
Comment #73 from kiki (Guest)
2013 Jul 25 - 10:28 pm : #
Run! Do not join this service! It is a waste of money. I was scheduled for several different dates. I paid over $1000 and never went on one date. I was canceled on 3 different times. There was no follow up with the company until I asked for a refund of my money. On one instance a date was scheduled. I showed up and the restaurant was closed. The company makes their reservations for the dates through open table. I tried making a reservation for the restaurant through open table and could not make one for that restaurant. I do not believe they ever made a reservation at that location. I felt like I was scammed out of my money. I have spoken to 4 different people at the company and been scheduled dates by 2. Two of the people were nice, the other 2 were incompetent. One person was down right rude when I complained about the lack of service. I usually do not write complaints or rate services, but I am hoping to save someone from the ordeal that I went through. Most of the people I dealt with at the company were not local, they were from Florida. No wonder they sent me to a closed restaurant. There is no personalized service or corporate integrity!

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