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Well, THAT Sucks
Thursday, 2005 June 23 - 11:58 pm
No NBA championship for the good guys this year. But today wasn't all bad.

So, the Pistons lost. I somehow had the feeling that they would, because fate tends to work against me when I become too hopeful. I think the universe delights in disappointing me.

Oh well. It's only sports.

Today was otherwise a pretty nice day. I had lunch with a couple of former coworkers, including the beautiful and charming HRGirl. (No, she's not single... in fact, she's expecting her second kid. Geez, is EVERYONE pregnant these days?) We had lunch at Hooters, in Morrisville. That place is jam packed every single weekday. They could build a second Hooters right next to it and it would probably fill up too. Of course, after all the Nortel layoffs happen, business will probably start to taper off.

For dinner, I finally had something to eat for dinner besides Crapanadas and pasta salad. Hooray! BEEF: it's what's for dinner.

In dating news... well, there's no dating news, really. At the on-line site, I've seen a pile of fake profiles go up lately. You know, the pictures are just too good, the match criteria are too broad, and the text is too generic. Sometimes I feel like Ben Kingsley's character in that movie "Sneakers"... I can spot on-line dating fakes immediately. I'm sure lots of other people fall for it, unfortunately. Loneliness has a way of making people blind.

My best friend Anna tells me that she might have someone to set me up with. This would be a first; in the eight years I've known her, she has not ONCE come through with a set-up for me. In the past I've always been skeptical about set-ups... I mean, how would someone else know what kind of woman I'm looking for? But if anyone knows me by now, it's Anna, so maybe there's a chance.

I found an online dating blog, which mostly contains links to articles on other sites, but it still seems pretty interesting. There's no "About" link there, though, so I can't tell who's behind it. I'm guessing that it might be a woman. Men tend to be more "out there" when it comes to blogging. That's one of those topics that's sure to be discussed at BlogHer: the fact that women need to be more cautious when it comes to exposing their real-life identities.

But there is at least one woman blogger who's up-front about being single, and that's This Fish Needs A Bicycle. This is a really clever blog. At some point I'm going to have to arrange some reciprocal linking with her. (Hmm, I wish "reciprocal linking" meant more than just putting some HTML code on a web page.)

And finally, I should give a shout-out to 21st Century Mom, who had a good piece about online dating recently. Hi, 21CM!
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Posted by Ken in: bloggersdatinglifesports


Comment #1 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Jun 24 - 8:33 am : #
They will be back. Count on it.

And yes, everyone really IS pregnant...
Comment #2 from pinky (Guest)
2005 Jun 24 - 11:00 pm : #
Mr. P. has been to that Hooters,and I don't think he was particularly pleased at being served by a 14-year-old in tight orange shorts.

(and yes, I agree that we should be going to see some more obscure acts - a packed Cradle is no fun!)

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