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Katrina Aid Meme Update 2
Monday, 2005 September 12 - 7:58 am
Another followup.

So my Katrina Aid Meme has indeed been successful, and I thank everyone who's participated so far. I might be a couple of links short of the maximum as of this writing, but I'm preparing the remaining Red Cross donation now, because I don't think it'll take much longer.

I got over a hundred links back to my site. I've counted at least seven replicants of the meme, and they've each got a pile of links too. I'm hoping that a few more replicants sprout up... and perhaps even if people don't do it this time, they'll think about it when the next disaster strikes. We didn't quite reach the tens of thousands of dollars that I imagined we might, but between me and the other replicants, we should be over $1500 $2200. Not bad for just a few words written on the Internet.

Even if I'm maxed out on my own donation, I'd encourage folks to continue spreading the meme, in hopes that other replicants will sprout up. (I've posted a list of known replicants back at the original page, so you can always link to them also.) It's a pay-it-forward kind of idea, and it doesn't take a high participation rate to stay alive. Of course, once Katrina drifts off the front page of the news, people will show less interest in this... but I'm hoping that at least the idea of blogging for a good cause gets implanted in as many brains as possible before that.

Thanks to all who have participated, and thanks especially to the people who replicated the meme themselves. I think we've done a good thing here.

(This is the remainder of my donation. The first $200 was here.)

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Posted by Ken in: bloggerscommentarysite-business


Comment #1 from Floria (Guest)
2005 Sep 14 - 12:47 pm : #

Thanks for doing more! When I first read the idea i thought of how pay-it-forward it was. And it's true, that silly little memes spread like crazy, but something for a good cause like this stopped short of it's ultimate goal. Everything, online and in real life, has a very short shelf-life and people tend to have a short attention span.

It bothers me that peopl wil ldonate in extreme cases but don't do it on regular basis. The all-volunteer run organizations need help all the time, but particularly in a crisis.

Even if together we raised $1500,, as you estimate, that's $1500 more than those organizations would've had otherwise. So, very good job indeed!

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