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Television: Idol Update, Week 10
Wednesday, 2006 April 26 - 10:39 am
"Love Songs" night.

So they got Andrea Bocelli and David Foster to coach the singers, and wow... those guys are sharp. Perhaps the best coaches American Idol has ever seen.

It's kind of a topsy-turvy night... some of the favorites stumbled, and the weaker performers stepped up. It'll be tough to pick a bottom three this week. I still think Elliott should be the one to go, based on the results of the season so far... but Kellie was easily the weakest of the bunch this week.

Katharine McPhee: 9/10. Overall=9.3.
"I Have Nothing". (Written by David Foster!) Bad dress, good hair, good makeup. She still sounds like a pro, which is amazing given the way she started out. The song is solid and polished, as usual; the only problem is that it's a Whitney Houston song, and it's tough to match up to Whitney. The judges don't seem to be all that impressed.

Paris Bennett: 10/10. Overall=9.2.
"The Way We Were". Wow. I think she nailed this one... that's her second good performance in a row. She's finally learning to make her voice smoky in the lower register, and that's giving her more power and pitch control. The song is a little too old for her, but to me that shows versatility. The judges are lukewarm about it, but I think they'll like it more when they see it on TV.

Taylor Hicks: 7/10. Overall=7.3.
"Just Once". It starts a little bit weak. He gets better through the middle, and it sounds pretty good... he tries to bring it home with a big finish, but it all comes off as kind of a lounge act. Simon says it's the type of thing you hear in hotels all across the country, and I tend to agree. An even older song might have suited him better.

Chris Daughtry: 8/10. Overall=7.2.
"Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman". I don't really like this song, but he sings it pretty well, and it fits his style. It's not terribly impressive, though: if he had auditioned with this song, he wouldn't have made it.

Elliott Yamin: 8/10. Overall=7.0.
"A Song For You". Hey, he's growing his hair out, which is good. The tie is a fashion mistake, though. This is a good song for him: you can tell he likes it, the jazzy style fits him well... this might be among the best performances I've seen from him. Randy doesn't like the unique arrangement, even though we saw from the TV interview that David Foster specifically wanted him to do something different than Donnie Hathaway.

Kellie Pickler: 6/10. Overall=6.7.
"Unchained Melody". She's trying to garner a few charm and sympathy votes by pointing out she has no boyfriend to sing this to. The start is pitchy. She gets stronger in the middle but backs off the big falsetto high note that she was supposed to hit. It ends up being pretty dull, and pretty bad. This might be her first visit to the bottom three. The charm and sympathy votes are gonna have to save her if she wants to avoid elimination.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from sweatpantsmom (Guest)
2006 Apr 26 - 2:37 pm : #
My daughters will hate me for this, but I think Kellie should go. The 'just fell off the turnip truck' routine is wearing thin.

Unfortunately, I always guess these things wrong, so she'll probably be the next 'American Idol.'
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2006 Apr 26 - 9:46 pm : #
Well, Marsha, we were right... it's Kellie. It's kind of a shame; she definitely had the most personality of all the remaining contestants. But ultimately, it's a singing competition, and the last couple of weeks, she just didn't cut it.

Paris was a surprise second-from-the-bottom. Katharine and Elliott were the top two.

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