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Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride
Monday, 2005 July 11 - 10:48 pm
"Get busy living, or get busy dying." (I love that movie, Sonja.)

Today's two-mile time: 16:17. After yesterday, I was so angry and ashamed at my performance, that I went out again today and really pushed it. I did the first quarter mile in 1:57 and nearly kept that pace the whole way, passing three other joggers, and at the end I said "GODDAMN RIGHT". Can somebody, anybody, PLEASE give me a "HELL YEAH"? That is another New Ken Record. There's something about Mondays and guilt that really lights a fire under me.

Anyway, I needed that run. I am carrying around the troubles and heartaches of four different friends right now, and though I'm glad to do it (honestly), I needed just a little bit of mind-clearing.

BusinessGirl wrote back to me about my offer to go out for a drink. SHE DOES NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. I knew there was something wrong with her.

I wish that weren't such a litmus test for me. But after dating a couple of non-drinkers, it's become clear that I need to be with someone who can throw down and party. It's not the drinking, so much as it is the socializing, and the manner of the socializing. See, it was downright painful being at that Asian-American event, trading business cards, and making small-talk about where I got my degree or how old I was when I bought a house. I want someone who will ask me questions like where was the weirdest place I've had sex (under stadium bleachers), or what's the most chicken wings I've eaten in one sitting (34). I want someone who's interested in LIFE, not about the drudgery of mere existence.

I don't think BusinessGirl is the one for me. Some folks tell me that I shouldn't be so picky, but I believe everyone deserves to be picky. And that applies to all the girls who have dumped me in the past. I UNDERSTAND NOW. It's okay. It wasn't me. It was us.

Thinking more about my shopping trip this weekend... how long is it gonna be before the "distressed" look for jeans is over? I don't want to pay sixty bucks for a pair of used, wrinkly, dirty jeans. That seemed to make up 90% of the inventory for jeans at Express Men.

Have we, as Americans, become so lazy that we can't even SOIL our own clothing any more? What's next, a built-in permanent wet spot in the crotch?
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Posted by Ken in: datinglifestyle


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Jul 13 - 5:05 pm : #
Don't get distressed - in any manner.
You're going shopping without me?!

I am proud to say that I got an entire summer wardrobe - something I never invested in when I lived in the South - on $50 from my mother, a $30 gift card to TJ Maxx from my sister, and $11 from my checking account. I bought some stuff off the street, from H&M, and from my favorite thrift store. We should have filmed it (but not the part where I stripped down to my skivvies on the street in Soho to try on a dress).

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