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This Post Is For John
Thursday, 2006 March 16 - 10:15 am
... who says I don't post enough.

So yeah, John, I don't post as often as I used to. And yeah, sometimes it's because I'm off doing things with the girlfriend fiancée. Actually, Amy frequently encourages me to go off and spend time writing in my blog... but it's just hard to make that a priority when we'd rather be reading Strongbad emails together, or listening to this. And last night Amy and I were off playing in a weekly free Texas Hold'Em tournament at Jack Astor's. (I had Ace-King and went all in, and the other guy [who had a much larger chip stack than me] had a ten and four of diamonds. He paired his fours and knocked me out. Hey, that's poker.)

Of course, I no longer have stories about bad dates any more, so that's removed a rich source of material. I can recommend maybe Crouching Hamster, Bitter With Baggage, or The Merry Widow for some good stuff in that department.

I'd love to write more about Amy, but honestly, do you really need that much shmoopieness? I figure we're responsible for hundreds of people losing their lunch by now.

Actually, I still have plenty to say. My "topics to blog about" sticky note is as long as it's ever been. I've got some weighty ones, like "My God Is Not A Bearded White Man" and "Who Validates You?". I've got a detailed analysis of why time travel (as depicted in science fiction novels and movies) is impossible. I have a few more funny stories from my past. I have short movies that I'd like to make and publish. And I still want to do a complete makeover of this web site, to revamp the underlying technology and to make the site more interactive. I just can't say when all these things are going to happen. If I could be Dooce or Kottke and actually get paid for doing this, that'd be a different story. Anyone want to start sponsoring me? Maybe I could work up a scheme where people could commission me for a post. $250. One thousand words, guaranteed.

Now, just to shorten my to-blog list:

Don't let rookies drive the police car.

Somebody buy me this.

This song speaks to me.
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Posted by Ken in: commentarylifesite-business


Comment #1 from John C (Guest)
2006 Mar 16 - 10:16 pm : #
thanks for reaching out Ken. Not only do we not need more shmoopieness, but that word is scaring me a little
Comment #2 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2006 Mar 17 - 8:35 am : #
RE: the camera-that's what wedding registries are for. :)
Comment #3 from pinky (Guest)
2006 Mar 17 - 8:46 am : #
reading strongbad emails with your loved one is a tremendous pleasure, I know :-)
Comment #4 from Steve (Guest)
2006 Mar 17 - 11:50 am : #
Comment #5 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2006 Mar 17 - 7:03 pm : #
Dude, do all couples read Strongbad emails together? Because we sure did!
Comment #6 from Sweatpantsmom (Guest)
2006 Mar 17 - 7:26 pm : #
Had no idea what a 'Strongbad email' was until today. I'm a better person now.

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